Character Name: Zael (エルザ)
CV: Miyano Mamoru (宮野 真守)
English CV: Jack Ryder

After losing his entire family at a young age, he has known little more than the life of a mercenary, wandering through desolate lands from one battlefield to another. Zael has grown tired of the everyday fighting needed to simply feed himself, and dreams of one day becoming a knight. Little does he know that a mysterious encounter on his first mission on Lazulis Island will change his life forever…

Japanese Name English Name Description Acquired at
ギャザリング Gathering Gathers every enemy's attention on you, making them pursue you. Enemies who have been "gathered" have a slower movement and attack rate. Zael will recover HP when he attacks enemies while Gathering. Event: Chapter 01
キュア Cure If you touch fallen party members while in Gathering mode, you revive them. Revived party members become stronger for a short time after having been revived. Event: Chapter 01
パワーヒット Power Strike Raises attack power at certain times. Event: Chapter 11
コマンドモード Command Mode Stops time in order to give out commands to allies. Casting time for magic is reduced to 3 seconds if ordered in command mode. Event: Chapter 11
ガード斬り Counter Triggers a counterattack if you activate blocking right before an enemy attacks. The same method can be used to repel magic back to enemies. Event: Chapter 23
スラッシュ Slash Jumping out of hiding, slashing at the enemy in order to deal high damage. Enemies in the [?] state will receive even more damage from this attack. Level 7
ウィンド Gale High-speed move to the designated area, dealing wind damage to enemies. If combined with a magic circle, effects (depending on the magic of the circle) will occur. Level 11
ギャザリングバースト Gathering Burst If attacked while in Gathering mode energy builds up which can be released, dealing damage to enemies and slowing them down. Level 16
垂直斬り Vertical Slash Run up a wall, jump down and drive your sword into the ground. Has the same effect as Gale on magic circles. Level 20

Spirit Attack
Japanese Name English Name Description Acquired at
アクセラレート Accelerate Raises movement and attack speed. You can share the effect with allies, using Gale. Level 35