The Starving Kid

After clearing the Robber's Hideout (Chapter 6) you can get Ariel's boxed lunch from Ariel at the tavern.

Give this to the boy sitting down at the riverside, right when you go down the stairs from the Central Plaza and receive the Towel.

Exchange the Towel for the Book on Basic Magic with a man at Craftsman's Alley.

Exchange this book for the Aristocrat Basics book with a boy (mage robes) in the Castle Library.

Give the book to a lady outside the castle gate for a High Grade Jewel.

Give the jewel to a lady inside the Castle (third floor near the Count's office), who will give you Zola's Ship Journal

Give the Journal to Zola in the Castle Prison and he will give you Zola's Sword.

Zola will be standing in the Craftsman's Alley in the Epilogue to sell things to you.

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