The Sorceress Song

The Sorceress’ Song

The founder of the House of Arganan very much enjoyed signing a particular song. It is said to have been the favorite song of a woman he once loved.
The identity of his beloved is unclear. However, one theory claims that she was a famed woman known only as “the Sorceress”, and that this song originated in the village where she was raised.
The song is about pursuing one’s dreams no matter how many times one may face defeat. It tells of the importance of spreading your wings and flying high together with those dear to you.
The central theme of flight in the song appears to represent freedom and hope, along with the ability to grasp them through one’s own strength.
To the founder of the House of Arganan, who survived the ravages of war and strived to bring peace to the world, this desire must have been more precious than all else.