The Rite Of Arganan

The Rite of Arganan

Here I describe the spell that is the product of my life’s work. The Rite of Celestial Liberation: a counterpart to the Rite of Celestial Summoning.
The rite can only be performed at a specific place by specific people. It must be conducted by the direct descendents of those who performed the Rite of Celestial Summoning – myself and the Sorceress. Both must be present on the Stargazers’ Tower where the Rite of Celestial Summoning was first performed.
This rite will make it possible, for the first time ever, to communicate directly with the Outsider.
Most important of all is the presence of one who bears the Outsider’s mark. It is this mark that makes communication with the Outsider possible.
No complicated procedures are required in order to perform the rite. It involves simply the holding of hands and the will to reach out to the Outsider and make a wish.
A wish that the future may be bright, for both the Outsider and our world.