The Outsider’s Power: Resonance

The Outsider has responded to the strength of my emotions and granted me its power.
As I stood on the battlefield, I found myself able to call forth a shining light from my right hand. Upon doing so, all hostile beings, both human and monster alike, began to direct their hatred towards me alone, losing all self control and attacking me in a violent frenzy.
Naturally, this situation exposed me to great danger, but through this self-sacrifice, the power granted me the unprecedented opportunity to protect my allies from harm. It enabled me to dominate the battlefield, and bring the fighting to a swift and decisive end.
More wondrous still, it granted me the ability to revive those who had collapsed from their wounds in battle. I only wish it were possible to resurrect those who had passed away naturally or been fatally wounded, but alas, it seems that even this miraculous power has it limits. It can aid only those who have fallen in battle.
Perhaps this power too came to me as a result of the Outsider resonating with the sorrow that has consumed me in this age, when it seems that life has lost all value.
I have named the miraculous ability that I have been granted the “Power of the Outsider”.
The Outsider possesses all the emotions of man. One cannot discount the possibility that one day someone will emerge who will use its power to bring about death and destruction. I dread to think what ruinous powers would be unleashed from the darker emotions we possess.
The Outsider’s power is neither good nor evil, but depends upon the emotions of he who bears its mark. This must not be forgotten and only those who are pure of heart should be permitted to approach the Outsider.