The Outsider’s Power: Origins

The Outsider: a sentient rock called to this world from beyond the sky by the Rite of Celestial Summoning. It possesses the unique ability to absorb the life force of the world around it and convert it into its own sustenance and strength.
Anger, sadness, greed, loneliness, despair, happiness… The Outsider possesses all of the same emotions and feeling as do people. Whilst it yearns to be set free, it also seeks out others with whom it can share its emotions.
When it finds such a being, the Outsider inscribes its own mark upon the body of its new companion, and the two entities become linked from that moment on.
This mark grants the bearer the Outsider’s tremendous power. The nature of this power is determined by the will of the one who bears the mark. It can be seen as a manifestation of this person’s most heartfelt desires.
I wished for this world to be at peace; for an end to the war that plagued the land, to the constant and harrowing loss of life that afflicted all the people of this nation.
It caused me unspeakable pain to watch as innocent souls, who had not even had the chance to learn of happiness or joy, were cruelly torn from this world for the sake of a meaningless conflict. I refused to accept the futile death and loneliness.