Character Name: Syrenne (セイレン)
CV: Toyoguchi Megumi (豊口 めぐみ)

A female mercenary who excels at wielding two swords. She acts as the mood maker of the group.
She's a heavy drinker with a foul mouth but has also a very kind side, always thinking about her comrades.
Enjoying battle, always bearing the full brunt, she never concerns herself with danger.

Japanese Name English Name Description Acquired at
パワーチェイン Power Chain You can connect chains easier for a set time. Event: Chapter 11
フルガード Full Guard Raises defense power and attracts enemies. Can be used like Elza's Gathering ability. Level 15
ガード斬り Counter Counterattacks after blocking a sword attack from the enemy. Can reflect magic by blocking as well. Level 30

Tension Arte
Japanese Name English Name Description Acquired at
影縫い Shadow Bind A jump attack. Can be activated through the Command Mode when your Tension Gauge is at max. Deals Paralyze status effect to all enemies surrounding the landing place of the attacker, paralyzing the enemies. Level 37