Suppression Co Op

In Suppression mode you can form a team together with up to 5 other members and take on bosses.

The first time you clear a boss you will receive a weapon, the second time and every time after that the
materials needed to upgrade the weapon.

Japanese Name English Name Description/Strategy Reward
クラーケン Kraken The good ol' Kraken. Beat the crap out of the Kraken Tentacles and/or Lizards, then the main body will appear. If you receive Death status use the Heal Cannons lying around to recover. Claw Sword/Kraken Leg
繭の魔物 Cocoon Monsters Use the Cannons lying around to get the advantage! As you deplete the enemy's HP the small fry will come out. Keep an eye out for enemy damage circles! Bring down the mage creating it and it will disappear instantly. Trident/Monster Cocoon
ネビロス Nebirous Let's start by defeating the small fry and getting silver arrows from them. Collect 5-10 arrows, shoot him and beat the hell out of him. Don't even think about attacking him without using the silver arrows first. Eclipse/Nebirous' Splinter
ムルー Muruu If you have one Yurick and one Lowell in your party this is going to be quite easy. Muruu will change his element, so attack him with either fire or ice, depending on his attribute. If he starts rotating, keep up your guard! If you don't, you might find a quick death. Spiral/Muruu's Shell
アータル Atar Dragoon/Atar's Claw