Season 3

Arena Season 3 (4 Members)

As usual, Elza is joined by Seiren and Jackal. Apparently somebody from the Gurg continent is holding a grudge against him.

Head straight to the first area.

Round 1: Ruli Knights: Knights, Mages, Healer, Archers and Witch.

Take them down. They're not much to talk about anyway. Except for the ones that shoot Sticky Arrows.

Head to the right to the next round.

Round 2: Gurg Tribe: Beasts, Guards, Gorgons, Mages and Healer.

This is actually kind of scary, not. Two of the large Gurg riding beasts are here. As well as Gorgons, which can cast the Stone status effect. Take them down like you would any other Gurg force.

Go to the next area.

Round 3: Ghoul

Wait what. It's the Gurg Captain. Looks like he still has a bone to pick with Elza. Both Seiren and Jackal have no idea who he is, and even Elza has forgotten him. He summons a Ghoul to battle the party, but Ghoul instead flattens him, then turns its attention to Elza and Co.

Same rules as before with fighting Ghoul in the Haunted Mansion. Use the walls to Dunk Slash him into submission, as using Slash will cause Ghoul to crash around the arena and squish the party.

Use the healing fountain when the Ghoul's supporting Skeleton archers/mages inflict silence and death sentence on the party.

Defeating Ghoul will finish Season 3… however, as the three of them leave they are interrupted by a giant spinning… Muruu! The Captain has yet another pet for the party to fight. It proceeds in slapping him to death. Kanan, Yuris and Manamia will join in on the fight.

Round 4: Domuruu (first time only)

A ridiculously HUGE Muruu. Same strategies for fighting regular Muruu will work on this thing. Except that this one can one hit KO your party members by falling on them or tackling them.

For the time being, let your magic users weaken it, and then use Deflector to protect the party from the paralysis needles it shoots when it spins. However due to its hugeness, the party cannot knock it down onto its back. Use Tension Artes to deal heavy damage to Domuruu, as it doesn't have any resistances to magic (including Ice which would heal the other ones).

There is no need to deal the finishing blow on Domuruu. Dealing enough damage to it will drop it.

15000 G + 2000 x # of times cleared after 1st time for reward.
2000 G from Seiren and Jackal.

You can return to the Arena, however only Season 3 will be available. Seasons 1 and 2 are now locked.