Season 2

Arena Season 2 (4 Members)

Head Straight to the first area.

Round 1: SeaReptids, Reptid Archers and Reptid Healers.

Have a magic user blast the pillar near the stage twice, in order to get at the enemies. Otherwise the party will be pin-cushioned to death by the Archers. From there, defeat the enemies normally. An easier way around this at higher levels is to have Zael use Gathering Burst and kill all the reptids in one go.

Go straight to the next area.

Round 2: Ice Muruk

This thing is the same as Muruk except tougher. Use the same strategies against him as you would the original. Use the torches in the stage to your advantage to cause elemental damage to Ice Muruk.

Having Calista in the party to cast her magic circles will help as the Deflector effect will protect the party from Ice Muruk's paralyzing needles he shoots when he spins.

You may receive the Nameless sword from defeating Ice Muruk (or even rarer the Airblade).

Head to the left to the next area.

Round 3: Lots of Reptids: Reptid Elites, Reptid Pipers, Reptid Healer, Reptid Archers, Reptid Mage

Take out the healers and pipers first. The rest will fall apart fairly easily after. Head to the next area.

Round 4: Lazulis Knights (first time only)

Wait. What the hell just happened? An instant replay shows the Knight just 'fell over' even though Zael didn't hit him.
It seems like the knights totally threw the battle for Zael and company this time.

5000 G (first clear) + 1000 x # of times cleared after first round.
1500 from Syrenne and Lowell (first time only).

Go through Season 2 enough times and Syrenne and Lowell will return to speak with Zael.

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