Season 1

Arena Season 1 (4 Members)

The rooms can be cleared in any order. Their positions are according to your starting orientation.

Door to your right:

Layout: Lots of walls, many of which can be broken by attacks (magic is helpful here) to allow for passage underneath them.
Enemies: Reptid Archer x1, Reptid Sorcerer x2, Battle Spider x2, Reptid Gladiator x1

Door straight ahead:

Layout: A large open space with a recovery spring on the bottom left, and pillars for cover on the left side. These can be used to flank the enemy as well. Note the braziers which can be tipped over for a fire element circle, and the bomb, daze bomb, and heal bomb to the right.
Enemies: Reptid Commando x3, Reptid Sorcerer x1, Reptid Healer x1, Reptid Archer x2


1000 G x # of times cleared (1000 G first time, 2000 G second time, et cetera)
300 G from Syrenne and Lowell (first time only)

Every 10th clear: 10 x Gnome Copper

The 5th, 10th, and 15th clear unlock a new scene between Syrenne and Lowell in front of the Arena.

Note: In New Game+ the Reptid Gladiator is significantly higher level, but should not pose much of a threat with your equipment.

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