Random Items In Ruli City

Elza can find a number of items just by exploring the city itself.

There are a number of random items that just sit on the ground (the little blue bags).

Some require going into Seek mode to find.

Some others are in chests hidden (not very well) through out the city.

Some require going into Seek mode and staring at certain NPCs until they're willing to give them up to you.

Random Item Map: http://dswiipspwikips3.jp/laststory/ruri.jpg
Seek Item Map: http://dswiipspwikips3.jp/laststory/seek.jpg

Maps from: http://dswiipspwikips3.jp/laststory/

There are 17 locations where Zael can find Stat Boosters. These are typically located in odd corners where most pedestrian NPCs aren't wandering around.

There are 8 locations where Zael can go into Seek mode to find items on the ground.

There are 4 hidden treasure chests in the City.

There are 11 people that will give Zael items if he stares at them long enough.

In Seek mode Zael can chain each 'Seek' in order to get up to five items. The fifth one is usually something rare.

Chain Items Found
1 Spring Vegetable Seed, Yellow Fish Scale, Green Clover, Wintersky Stardust, Midsummer Coral, Khaki Bullet
2 Spring Vegetable Seed, Yellow Fish Scale, Green Clover, Red Igneous Rock, Fallen Autumn Leaf, Khaki Bullet
3 Spring Vegetable Seed, Yellow Fish Scale, Green Clover, Red Igneous Rock, Fallen Autumn Leaf, Khaki Bullet
4 Fertilizer, High Grade Fertilizer
5 Sylph's Bowstring, Gnome's Copper Ore (Beginning of game), Gnome's Silver Ore (Middle of Game), Gnome's Gold Ore (End game)

In area 5, there is a difference as to what Zael can 'Seek'. It is a windy alley East of Lotta's shop. When you Seek there, look out for feathers flying through the air. These feathers will have the target box around them, and give a small boost to Zael 's bowgun arrow damage.

Chain Items Found
1 Unshaking Heart +0.1 Arrow Damage
2 Unshaking Heart +0.1 Arrow Damage
3 Unshaking Heart +0.1 Arrow Damage
4 Unswaying Heart +0.2 Arrow Damage
5 Steady Heart +0.5 Arrow Damage

People to 'Seek'. When Seeking these people, the target on them will be red instead of blue.

Person Location Item Received
Man playing Accordion Castle Gate Plaza Banana
Old man in Bowler Hat Castle Gate side of Central Plaza Wine
Woman watering flowers Near Ariela's Tavern (farther from the Tavern) Seedling
Little boy holding bag of apples Near Horace's Shop Coconut
Man fishing On a wooden deck along the South side of the river Dragon Skin
Little girl talking with her brother Alley East of Horace's Shop Magic Defense+1
Woman sweeping Area south of Ariela's Tavern Dragon Skin
Little boy sitting on Bench South Gate Plaza Normal Pumpkin
Man repairing building wall West of Fountain Plaza Dragon Skin
Boy sitting on roof of building Marshe, above Color Shop Dragon Skin
Boy looking at fireworks Bridge during Fireworks at beginning of game Fireworks x10