Other Sidequests
Japanese Name English Name Quest NPC/Location Description Reward Available at
1000人目の客 The 1000th Customer Fortuneteller in front of the Central Plaza Speak to the fortuneteller and she will tell you to go to Lotta's shop. One free equipment upgrade, materials are still required if needed however. Chapter 4
おもちゃのコイン Toy Coin Boy at the South Gate Plaza You have to find 6 toy coins all over the city. If you get close to them you will see them shining. Toy coin places: Central Plaza, Fountain Plaza, Marche, Alleyway West of the Arena, Castle Gate Plaza, South Gate Plaza. Hoe Chapter 4
わらしべ The Starving Kid Ariel See page on The Starving Kid Zola's Sword Chapter 6
アイテム交換【カリスマ料理人】 Item Trade: Charisma Chef Marche's Charisma Chef See page on Charisma Chef See page on Charisma Chef Chapter 4
アイテム交換【パティシエのたまご】 Item Trade: Aspiring Patissiere Craftsman Alley's Aspiring Patissiere See page on Aspiring Patissiere See page on Aspiring Patissiere Chapter 4
アイテム交換【喜劇役者】 Item Trade: Comedian Comedian north of the Arena (sitting on a bench) Buy a banana from the Marche Greengrocer's shop and hand it over. This can be repeated. Prank Banana x50 Chapter 4
アイテム交換【貿易商人】 Item Trade: The Trader The Trader at Castle Gate Plaza See page on The Trader See page on The Trader Chapter 4
オーキッド盗賊団 The Orchid Robber Group Girl in the Alleyway west of South Gate Plaza Talk to the girl and your coin purse will be stolen. Places of the kids who stole your coin purse: On top of the South Gate, on the roof of the tavern, on the southern street light on Arganan Bridge (west of the tavern). Find them all in Seek mode and the quest is over. Dragon Skin Chapter 4
カエルのお友達 Friend of the Frogs Boy standing on the wooded deck at the riverside (west of Arganan Bridge) See page on Friend of the Frogs Dive Command and +30 Speed for all Characters Chapter 4
テントの番人 Tent Watchman Boy in a Tent at the Riverside near the Tavern If you use Fireworks near the NPC he will go away and you can take the treasure. Fireworks can be bought at the Arrow shop for 1000g or found at the Stargazing Tower (once only). After you take the treasure run away before the boy comes back or he will take it back from you! Dragon Skin Chapter 4
幸運が訪れるカエル Frog Of Good Luck Fortuneteller in front of the Central Plaza You have to finish the side-quest Friend of the Frogs before you can do this quest. Catch frogs at the places the fortuneteller tells you about and everyone will get a Speed boost +5. After the 7th time you will receive a Green Clover or a Yellow Fish Scale. Green Clover/Yellow Fish Scale Chapter 4
料理の材料 Cooking Ingredients Shop Keeper near the Arena Bring her the following: Banana x1, Egg x2, Coconut x3. She even gives you the money to buy the items! You will be able to buy things from that Trade shop now. Chapter 4
港の老人 The Old Sailor Old man, sitting on a bench in front of the East Gate. Sit next to him and choose either of the answers to get Physical Defense +1 (left answer) or 100G (right answer). Phys. Def.+1/100G Chapter 4
貴婦人を転ばせる Tripping Ladies Girl of the Cafe at the Castle Gate Plaza You have to make five nearby ladies (sitting and standing) trip by using your Bow gun and Prank Bananas. Wheat x1 Chapter 4
離れ島のおんじ Man Of The Solitary Island Old man at the easternmost point of the River See page on Man of the Solitary Island See page on Man of the Solitary Island Chapter 4
東水門の奥 Behind The East River Gate Young Man in the area West of Marche Listen to what he has to say. After that you can dive into the river and enter the area behind the East River Gate. Three Cave Cougars await you and you will have to defeat them by yourself. There are also three treasure chests in the back of the room, containing Silver Thread, Indigo Thread and a Divine Beast Sword. Silver Thread, Indigo Thread, Divine Beast Sword Chapter 6
マルシェのミイナ Miina From Marche Female NPC named Miina in Marche You get to know Miina through an event at the south end of Marshe. If you talk to her three times and manage to go on a date with her before you become a knight (some time around Chapter 23), she will give you a Dragon Claw after you have become a knight. Be sure to feed the cat some almonds. Dragon Claw x1 Chapter 7
子猫探し Search For The Lost Kitten Boy on top of the Color Shop north of the Central Plaza Find the boy in Seek Mode then go up to where he is (via a ladder behind the building) and talk to him. Afterward talk to the fortuneteller to find out the location of the kitten. Go to the Fountain Plaza and follow the cat to find the trapped kitten. Ladle Chapter 7
青い鳥 Blue Bird Girl on the 2nd floor of the Tavern Go outside to the Central Plaza, walk around and search for blue birds in order to get their feathers. You have to go into Seek Mode to find them. The last bird will run away, so chase it towards Castle Gate Plaza. Once you have four Angel's Thread you can give them to the girl in the Tavern. Stimulating Bleach Chapter 7
ルリ城の門番 Gatekeeper Of Ruli Castle Guard in front of the West Gate in the Courtyard area Talk to the guard. Then go to the old man sitting on a bench at the South Gate Plaza. He gives you the Medicine. Deliver it to the guard. Dragon Skin Chapter 8
ルリ城西門の門番 2 Gatekeeper Of Ruli Castle Part 2 Guard in front of the East Gate in the Courtyard area Examine the East Gate door. The guard there will stop you and give you something for your trouble. Gnome's Copper Ore Chapter 8
カナンのワンピ Kanan's One-Piece Jill's Room (Next to Kanan's Room) Enter Jill's Room after you have been released from prison. There is a closet where you can collect Kanan's One-Piece. Kanan's One-Piece Chapter 19
サルマンドルの酒場 Tavern Salamander Man in green at the back of the 1st floor in Ariel's Tavern Clear Stolen Permission Pass first. Chase after the robed man at the Fountain Plaza to see him walk into the Tavern Salamander. Follow him to start Chapter 21: Tavern Salamander. Fast Bow Chapter 19
マルシェの店番 Marche Store Tending Owner of a Store at Marche (one that you can actually go into the back of his stall) A store owner will leave his store to you for a short period of time. Target passers-by and sell them your stuff! Women: Merchandise, Men: Equipment, Elderly Women: Anything Money Chapter 19
リザードの逆襲 Lizard Counterattack Soldier near the East Gate of the Courtyard area Choose "I'll go check." to be sent out in combat. Depending on the number of times you do the quest: Pirate Ring, Aristocrat Ring, Legendary Fertilizer x2 Chapter 19
弓の名手 Bow Expert Man on the 2nd floor of Ariel's Tavern, Find the man in blue in the Fountain Plaza You will receive a Charm Arrow x1 which you have to shoot at the girl in blue. If you succeed you'll receive an Arrow Damage +2 bonus, if not you get 10 Prank Bananas. This can be repeated every Chapter until Chapter 31. Completing other side quests may respawn quest giver multiple times. Arrow Damage +2/Prank Banana x10 Chapter 19, need to start events that lead to Chapter 22
盗まれた通行証 Stolen Passage Permission Boy North of the Arena Talk to the boy once. After that, if you leave Ariel's Tavern, the boy steals your Passage Permission. Chase him to get your permission back. Dragon Claw/Speed+20 Chapter 19
竜の皮でドラゴン装備 Turn Dragon Skin Into Equipment Man in an alleyway east of the Arena Bring this guy 5 or more Dragon Skins and he will turn it into equipment for you (Dragon Series) Dragon Armor/Dragon Legs Chapter 19
貴族の館へ To The Noble's Mansion Lotta, standing on Arganan Bridge Talk to Lotta after locating him on Arganan Bridge using Seek Mode. This triggers Chapter 20. Access to Chapter 24 afterward, Death (weapon) Chapter 19
農園 Pumpkin Garden Man standing on a street corner near Ariel's Tavern Talk to the man and he will take you to the outskirts of the city where you can grow your own pumpkins. Your own pumpkin patch Chapter 19
鍵泥棒 Key Thief Dye Craftswoman in Craftsman Alley You need to finish the Blue Bird side-quest before you can do this quest. Talk to the girl that gave you the Blue Bird quest, then chase down the thief, get the Dye Warehouse Key back and get your reward! Shocking Bleach Chapter 19
地下迷宮へ Into The Sewers Lotta (Upgrade Shop near Ariel's Tavern) After clearing chapter 20 you can accept this quest. Entering the well in the eastern part of Marche will trigger Chapter 24 Ability to Remove curses on Weapons, Flame Lizard Chapter 20
エルザのファン Elza's Groupies Fortuneteller at Central Plaza See page on Elza's Groupies Satisfaction(?) and groupies. Chapter 21
酔っ払い男 The Drunk Drunk man near Tavern Salamander at Night Use Seek on the man who looks sick, near the Tavern Wine Bottle Chapter 27
グルグ城へのおしゃれ雑誌 Fashion Magazine to Gurg Castle Knight standing at Gurg Castle gate Listen the knight mutter to himself about wanting to read something. Return to Ruli Island. A girl in blue is standing near the East gate. Talk to her to receive the Fashion magazine. Go to Gurg Island. When you leave Gurg island, you have to talk to a knight standing at the gate. Talk to him and give him the magazine. In return he asks you to deliver a letter to his girlfriend. Give the letter to the girl for your reward. Dragon Claw Chapter 31
グルグの忘れ物 Gurg Lost and Found No one in particular During Chapter 29, do NOT take these items. Instead, return to the Gurg Castle once the Epilogue free-roam occurs. There are three chests that you can open to find the Gurg Doll, Gurg Comb and Gurg Iron Pot. There are three Gurg people in Ruli City that you can talk to and return these items to. Gurg Esoteric Writings Epilogue