Man Of The Solitary Island

You have to finish the side-quest Friend of the Frogs before you can do this quest.

Swim over to the farthest East point of the river and climb up both ladders to talk to the old man.

The old man gives you items depending on the number of times you:

1. Bumped into people on the streets,

2. Banged your head on signboards,

3. Fell down/slipped on something.


Talking to him the first time: Dragon Hide

1. 50: Leek, 100: Frying Pan, 150: Kitchen Knife, 300: Dragon Claw x9

2. 20: Hammer, 50: Axe, 100: Lance, 150: Dragon Claw x9

3. 20: Pitch Fork, 50: Wooden Club, 100: Chair, 150: Dragon Claw x9

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