Key Items
Japanese Name English Name Description Acquired at
竜の皮 Dragon Skin The skin of a mighty flying beast told of in Eastern legend. Can be used to make extremely sturdy equipment. Various locations
レンズ Lens A memento of Elza's parents. If you overlap the two lenses they become a telescope. -
通行証 Castle Pass A piece of identification necessary when entering and leaving Lazulis Castle. Event: Chapter 8
リフトの鍵 Lift Key Used to access a lift on the Gurak Warship. Event: Chapter 11
錆びた鍵束 Rusty Set of Keys Opens the various cells on the Gurak Warship. Event: Chapter 11
貸物室の鍵 Storeroom Key Opens the main door to the Gurak Warship's cargo deck. Event: Chapter 11
毒消しの薬 Poison Antidote An antidote every sailor carries as a countermeasure against sea monster poison. Event: Chapter 14
酒棚の鍵 Cabinet Key Opens a liquor cabinet in the captain's quarters on the Gurak Warship. Event: Chapter 16
錆びた鍵 Rusty Key Used to access a hidden room in the Haunted Mansion. Event: Chapter 20
ロッタの妻のメガネ Lotta's Wife's Glasses Glasses that are usually worn by Lotta's wife. These were given to her on her birthday by her devoted husband, Lotta Event: Chapter 20
象牙のキバ Ivory Fang One of a set of three decorative ivory fangs. Used as the key to access a hidden stairway in the Reptid Catacombs. Event: Chapter 24
試練の勾玉 Magatama of Ordeal A magatama that places souls in stone statues, made with special magic. Event: Chapter 23
トリスタの勲章 Trista's Medal A medal received from General Trista Event: Chapter 23
中庭の鍵 Inner Garden Key Used to open the door between the inner garden and the grand hall. Event: Chapter 27
地下水路の鍵 Sewer Key Key to the sewers located at the harbor. Event: Chapter 35
ロッタの指輪 Lotta's Ring A magic ring, making invisible things visible if you look through it. Event: Epilogue
宝物庫の鍵 Treasury Key Key to open the treasury in the underground maze. Treasure Chest: Chapter 43
祭壇への扉の鍵 Altar Gate Key Key to open the door to the altar room in the underground maze. Event: Chapter 43
おもちゃのコイン Toy Coin A pretend coin used by children in their games. Made out of a piece of rock. Sub-Event: Toy Coin
おいしいお酒 Delicious Liquor High-quality sweet distilled liquor from the northern part of Lazulis Island. Event: Chapter 4
いにしえの禁書 Ancient Forbidden Book A thick book written in ancient language. Event: Chapter 24
チュートリアル台本 Tutorial Script A book made from mysterious materials Glitch item
召喚石 Summon Stone A stone from the Gurak people which lets you summon persons using blue summon circles. Event: Chapter 35
ひんやり生薬 Cooling Natural Medicine Medicine from a time-honored family tradition. Sub-Event: Castle Gatekeeper
アリエルの弁当 Ariela's Handmade Lunch Packed full of flavour and nutririon. Everybody wants one! Sub-Event: The Starving Kid
汗拭きタオル Sweat Wiping Towel A fresh towel. Perfect for water absorption. Sub-Event: The Starving Kid
魔道概論書 Book of Basic Magic A magic book for beginners. Difficult to understand for amateurs. Sub-Event: The Starving Kid
貴族の心得 Aristocrat's Information A popular book about the basic behavior of an aristocrat. Sub-Event: The Starving Kid
高級宝石 High Grade Jewel A jewel taken from the valley of spirits on the continent Sub-Event: The Starving Kid
ゾラの航海日誌 Zola's Ship's Log A logbook crowded with songs written from the author's heart Sub-Event: The Starving Kid
流行のおしゃれ雑誌 Fashionable Style Magazine An easy to read magazine that collected information on the Empire's fashionable clothes and accessories Chapter: Epilogue
彼女への手紙 Letter to Girlfriend A letter written by a Lazulis Knight on the Gurak Continent Chapter: Epilogue
グルグの人形 Gurak Doll A doll created after the image of a girl from the Gurg people. Treasure Chest: Chapter 29
グルグ族のくし Gurak Comb A comb made from materials from the Gurg Continent, it is said to release soothing particles Treasure Chest: Chapter 29
グルグ族の鉄鍋 Gurak Iron Pot An iron pot which can withstand great heat. Treasure Chest: Chapter 29
染料庫の鍵 Dye Storehouse Key A key that opens the dye storehouse in the workshop Sub-Event: Retrieve The Key
薬品庫の鍵 Medicine Storehouse Key A key that opens the medicine storehouse in the workshop Glitch item
天使の糸 Angel Thread A fibre so soft that everyone wants to touch it. Sub-Event: Blue Bird
刺激的な透明薬 Incredible Invisibility Dye Allows the user to adopt thrillingly avant-garde styles that are sure to catch the eye of everyone you pass. (Enables invisibility for upper-body equipment) Sub-Event: Blue Bird
衝撃的な透明薬 Outrageous Invisibility Dye Allows the user to adopt dangerously avant-garde styles that may cause passers-by to stare in disbelief. (Enables invisibility for lower-dy equipment) Sub-Event: Retrieve The Key