History Of The Empire

History of the Empire

Long ago, before the Empire was founded, this continent was torn by a centuries-long war. Many kingdoms rose only to fail in the constant struggle for dominion
It is told that from amidst this relentless warfare emerged one benevolent king, who established the kingdom that was to become the foundation of our Empire.
Although it is now difficult to believe, humans and Gurak coexisted alongside one another in that kingdom of old. The humans with their knowledge and wealth, and the Gurak with their physical strength and technology, strove together to build a great civilization. However, as time passed, the humans, fearing the technology and strength possessed by the Gurak, sought to rule supreme. This evolved into an elitism that was to mark the beginning of the persecution of the Gurak.
The reigning king did not have the power to halt this social changes, and was ultimately forced to make the decision to banish the Gurak and reform the kingdom anew. Through these actions, he was able to bring further wealth to the humans and united the citizens in a common cause. He hoped only to reclaim the peace and order that had vanished from the kingdom.
Thus the Gurak were banished to a land in the far south, whilst those who had fought well in the conflict to expel the Gurak were granted land and status, in what would become the foundation of the nobility. The Kingdom expanded into a great Empire spanning the entire continent. Yet this peace would not last forever, history was doomed to repeat itself.
In time, the lords of the Empire grew to crave independence, leading to civil wars over political power and territory. Very soon, these many small conflicts grew into a great war, engulfing the entire Empire.
Yet this war came to an abrupt and unexpected end. The lord of Lazulis Island – founder of the great House of Arganan – built a weapon more powerful than any seen before or since. In the face of such a threat, the warring factions laid down their arms and sought peaceful negotiations with the Empire.
With such a weapon, it would have been a simple task to seize control of the entire continent. Yet the Arganan founder sought only peace. He used the weapon as a deterrent, nothing more, thus securing the stability and prosperity that our Empire has enjoyed ever since.