Friend Of The Frogs

If you catch three frogs he will teach you a new skill to use in Ruli City.

You must go to the fortuneteller and let her read your fortune for frogs to appear on the map (you have to come again after each frog).

To get the next reading from the fortuneteller you have to enter and exit the map once (go into Ariel's Tavern and then leave).

Frog Places:

  • Riverside Wood Deck
  • Well behind Ariel's Tavern
  • Fountain at Castle Gate Plaza
  • Fountain Plaza
  • Well near the Eastern Gate
  • Well in the area north of Central Plaza, behind the Color Store.

There will only be one frog spawned each time, so check each location if necessary.

After this quest you can Dive in the river, which gives you access to a new side-quest; Man Of The Solitary Island.

Each time Elza catches a frog, the party gains +5 Speed. This can be done 6 times before the quest changes to Frog of Good Luck.

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