Fray Pvp

In Fray mode up to 6 players fight against each other in a classic battle royale.

The time limit is 5 minutes and the winner will be determined by points.
You will definitely get a reward, whether you lose or win, but winners will have a
higher chance of obtaining rare items. Defeating a player gets you 10 points,
being defeated by another player -5 points, obtaining items is said to give you
1/10 points. Also, when the remaining battle time is less than 1 minute point
awards are doubled.


You can use all the main characters as well as many of the enemies you have defeated in the main story. The stats and equipment of all characters is equalized, which means your choice is purely based on character looks.

Japanese Name English Name
エルザ Zael
カナン Calista
クォーク Dagran
セイレン Syrenne
ユーリス Yurick
マナミア Mirania
ジャッカル Lowell
トリスタ Trista
タシャ Tasha
ロッタ Horrace
ジル Jill
リザードスカウト Lizard Scout
リザートエリート Lizard Elite
アンデッドソード Undead Sword
アンデッドメイジ Undead Mage
グルグガード Gurak Guard
グルグメイジ Gurak Mage
ベリト Berit
ゼーシャ Zesha
ゼファー Zefa
ザングルグ Zangurak


Japanese Name English Name
リザードの洞窟 Lizard Cave
闘技場 Arena
試練の搭 第二 Tower of Ordeal II
試練の搭 第四 Tower of Ordeal IV
神秘の森 Mystery Forest
瑠璃港 Lapis Lazuli Harbor
要塞島 Fort Island
ラストワールド Last World
アルガナン神殿 Arganan Temple