The Last Story

Zael will be joined by Calista in the Grand Hall of Lazilus Castle, which is now undergoing repairs (for the third time). There are still two more dungeons to go before actually finishing the game. You must finish Chapter 42 however before you can actually finish the game.

Head out the castle for a cut-scene of happenings around town, where Human and Gurak now live together.

Zael and Calista can roam around Lazilus City to find things to do.

Note: Zael can no longer swim if Calista is accompanying him.

Arena Season 3 is now available.

Mirania is standing in the Central Plaza, she tells Zael to go find Tasha at the Castle.

Zola is standing in the Craftman's Alley, he sells Gnome's Copper Ore and Silver Ore.

The merchant from the Tavern is there as well, but she no longer sells anything.

Some of the people involved in side-quests will be gone now. The Old man from East River will have changed location to the wooden deck on the river, opposite of his house.

Gurak Castle is accessible, speak to the knight hanging around the entrance to go back to Lazilus Island. He will mention that there's a magazine he wants to read. Return to Lazilus Island and go to the East gate and speak to the girl in blue. She'll give you a magazine. Go back to the castle and give the magazine to the knight. He'll give you a letter to give back to the girl. She will in turn give Zael a Dragon Claw.

Return these items to the following Gurak tribe members throughout Lazilus City:

Gurak Pot -> Gurak man in Marshe.
Gurak Comb -> Gurak woman in front of Castle Gate Plaza.
Gurak Doll -> Gurak girl in South Gate Plaza.

Go to the Tavern Salamander with Calista for a short conversation with her (only if you if did the Zael's Groupies sub-quest).
Zael will leave Calista to meet his groupies.

Go back to Lazilus Castle for various scenes at certain locations;
Count Arganan's Chamber
Yurick is in the Castle Library
The Ballroom balcony
Living Area: Jirall's Room
Prison: There are three treasure chests on the second level in a cell.
Underground Tombs: Challenge Tasha to a fight. This can be repeated.

Boss: Tasha

He fights like Master Trista, so use the same strategies against Tasha. However Tasha can also use Slash, and Dunk Slash.

After the first Sword fight Quick-time event, Tasha will start teleport dodging your attacks. In order to hit Tasha, use Gathering Burst to slow him down.

The easiest way to deal heavy damage to Tasha is use Counter to hit him. However he will then start to Counter your Counters.

Defeat Tasha for a scene between him and Zael

Some dungeons that have been cleared before can still be accessed:

Lazilus Island:
Arena Season 3
Robber's Hideout
Haunted Mansion
Underground Labyrinth
Sea Cave
Lizard's Cave
Mysterious Forest (from Vono Islands)

Lazilus Castle:
Tower of Ordeal - The boss here will be some Cave Cougars, not Master Trista

Syrenne and Lowell will not appear in the area until after Chapter 42.

To access Chapter 42 go to Calista's room and examine the picture of Calista and her parents.
To access Chapter 43 go to Lotta's store and talk to him, he's standing outside with Meredith. A knight will come to report to Zael. Speak with the Knight to go back to the Underground Labyrinth.