Elza's Groupies

You can do this quest after clearing Chapter 21, Tavern Salamander.

Go to the fortuneteller at the Central Plaza and let her read your love fortune, the new choice that appears when you talk to her.

She will tell you a romantic meeting is waiting for you on the Balcony of Central Plaza.

Go there and you will have the chance to flirt with some girls.

Pick the right answer two out of three times and the girl will tell you that she is waiting for you on the 2nd floor of the Salamander Tavern. You can do this eight times.


Girl's Name Question 1 Question 2 Question 3
Feisty Cougar I prefer older women I do I would love to
Friendly Older Girl No Older girls, I guess Absolutely!
Chatty Noblewoman There's no one thing I think it's great Of course I do
Demanding Girl You have beautiful eyes I love your forceful personality Not really
Lonely Spinster Thank you No. I think you're kind I like a gentle older woman
Playful Woman I agree Within your heart How about dinner?
Hopeless Romantic I am sure you will Maybe sooner than you think My dear, I am your Prince
Serious Woman Calm judgement A sense of care for the world A lack of self-confidence

After that, the fortuneteller will tell you that the romantic meeting is waiting for you at the 2nd floor of the Tavern Salamander.

Go there and feel appreciated.

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