Chapter 9

Lazulis Castle: Ballroom

Dagran will be chatting with Zael once you get control after a brief scene. When "Seek" flashes on the screen, look at the man on the throne. That is Count Arganan.

When Seek appears again, look near the area on the second floor to trigger a CG scene. When Seek appears the third time, look at Calista, who is standing to the right of Count Arganan.

Go to the exit to the right of the throne room after the scene, then look left in first person-mode out on the balcony. You will see Calista.

The scene continues look to the left (now that Zael is standing away from the exit) at Jirall.

Once the scene finishes, Zael will have to take out a group of Gurak soldiers. Do not let them attack Calista.
Defeating them can be done by either depleting all their HP or knocking them off the balcony. Knocking enemies off balconies however will NOT earn the party XP.

After another scene, Calista will join Zael. He will then run into Therius and Ashtar and some knights in the main ballroom.
More Gurak soldiers will attack. Follow Calista up and out of the Ballroom. There are five more Gurak soldiers in the next hallway.

Open the middle door in the hall (the only one that lets Zael open it). This is Calista's bedroom and she will go into change into a more battle-ready outfit (you get to keep her ballgown, which can be upgraded later).

Open the door opposite to her room (to the bridge outside) and walk across. Be sure during the first person view mode to look at one of the collapsing towers.

Go through the door after the scene.

Back in the Grand Hall, Zael will be joined by a Mage and have to fight a few more enemies once he reaches the staircase.
There will be another scene once he reaches the ground floor.

Quark will wake Zael up. Head up the left staircase. There is a man who can upgrade weapons/armor as the party nears the door to the Courtyard on the 2nd floor. Open the door to the Courtyard.

The party will be joined by a Knight and a Healer and will have to fight another battle.

After the battle, talk to the Knight and choose 'Yes' (left option) to summon more enemies to fight.

Take a right and head down the stairs to move on and meet up with Lowell and Syrenne.

This battle is still easy but there's a larger enemy group this time.
Defeat any Healers and Mages first.
Use Gale to dispel the Black Healing Circles.

After a brief scene, head through the door to advance to Chapter 10.