Chapter 6

Robber's Hideout

After the scene, use your crossbow sights to examine the enemy below. The goal here is to walk across the rafters to the other side, then drop down and use cover to stealthily take out the sleeping enemy. If Zael has the Slash ability, using that will drop the thief very quickly. Failure to quietly defeat the sleeping guard will call two more guards that you have to defeat.

After the event scene, you will need to find all the chests in the room. One is by where Zael dropped down, Mirania is examining one, one is next to the save point in the room, and the final one is through a narrow passage also to the left of the save point. When the perspective changes to first-person during the scene, examine the large banner with the skull.

Go down the stairs. After the scene, Dagran tells Zael to stay there and to bust through the door after he counts down. Stay in position when your party runs to the left and open the door after Dagran finishes the countdown. This is optional but makes this battle much easier as Zael will flank the enemies from behind who are distracted fighting the rest of your party.

Zael will learn Slash around this time. From cover, tilt the control stick towards an enemy and press A.

After the scene with the gang's leader Zoran, swim out of the sewer. There will be a battle here that is a great opportunity to test out the Slash skill. Examine the door high up in the wall when the Seek icon flashes and climb up the path to the doorway.

The next area is a linear sewer/dungeon. When the party reaches a dead end, they will be ambushed by enemies in an easy fight. Slide under the opening where the enemies entered, open the chest and continue onwards.

Slide under the gate and you will meet up with Dagran and Lowell. There will be a large lizard man patrolling. You can either shoot it with the crossbow or wait for Dagran to shoot it to make it turn around. Once the enemy is close and turns its back, use a Slash attack for an instant kill.

Slide under the opening, there will be another Summon Circle to the left. Climb up the ladder and watch the scene. Examine the tunnel to the left to check for chests, then save and open the door.

Another battle.
Take out the enemy mage first to make things easier. Check the room for chests and continue through the door to the next room.

There is an Ogre chained to the wall. Use a Slash attack from cover to knock down the nearby column and defeat him quickly.
Or hide behind cover and shoot him with your crossbow until he dies (this way enemy reinforcements are not called as the Ogre was not alerted)

If you Slashed the Ogre:
A few more enemies will come out during the battle.

A tutorial on how to use the Gale ability; (hold down a, move the circle and then confirm).

Gale is able to spread the party's magic circles and cause various special effects depending on what circle it is used in. It is also able to dispel enemy healing circles (black circles). Gale is also used to 'pause' the battle so the battlefield area can be examined (within the distance limit of Gale's range).

Head through the door. Open the two chests to the left and then save. Open the door, watch then scene and prepare for a boss battle.

Boss: Terracor

This enemy's main attacks are charging in the room and falling forward with his front legs.

Using Gathering in this battle is an excellent idea while the Terracor is pinned. Until you have figured out how to use the Slash technique to pin him, it is not suggested.

Dagran tells you how to defeat this boss:

  • Climb the stairs on the side,
  • Hide along the rail
  • Slash when Terracor is nearby.

He'll ricochet around the room like a pinball (be sure to guard while he does this) and then crash into the opposite end of the room.

Another tutorial on Chain attacks comes up and then Zael and Dagran can quickly cut him to bits.

While the Terracor is pinned, Gathering can help Zael regain health.

Elemental Damage will help during the fight, so use Lowell's ice magic circles to your advantage. Using Gale on the Ice Circle will cause the Slip effect.

Head up the ladder and watch the scene.

Back in Ariela's tavern, exit Ariela's room and then talk to Syrenne and Lisa. Choose 'Yes' (left choice) to proceed to Chapter 7

Choosing 'No' (right choice) will have Lisa get mad and stick her tongue out at Zael.