Chapter 5

Ariela's Tavern: Night

After the event scenes, talk to Lisa. Follow her into the room, examine the door with your bow.

Go up to the door and:

Option 1: Peek
Option 2: Don't go in

Picking the first option will change some later dialogue in the game. Picking the second option lets Zael hear some 'interesting' conversation. No matter which one you choose, you are able to repeat the process.

The room right next to your female party's room is Ariela's. Across the 2nd floor from that is the room for the males in your party where you can find Yurick.

To advance, talk to Lowell and Mirania downstairs, then go into Ariela's room and talk to her.

When you exit, Lowell and Mirania will give you a choice. Choose 'yes' (left) and move on to Chapter 6.