Chapter 42

Temple of the Arganan

Zael says he wants to go to the Arganan tomb to make an Oath in front of Calista's parents. So off they go, just the two of them.

The first thing that you will notice is there are lizards waiting for the two of them. Zael can choose to either take them head on (first choice) or go around the right and sneak behind them (second choice).

If both characters are fairly under-leveled, choose the second choice and have Zael sneak behind the pillars, then Slash the lizards while Calista shoots magic at them. Once taken care of, enter the large doors.

The two of them enter a temple/church building. Take out the lizards hiding here. One of the lizards can put up the field barriers that the Gurak Fields in previous chapters use.

One particularly fiendish way of dealing with this is before entering the building completely, use Zael's Deadly Bow and shoot the Field Lizard in the head and hope it gives him the Death Sentence status. The rest of the fight against the mages can be done while Zael hides behind a pillar and shoots the lizards with his bowgun. Once the mages are gone, Zael can go and defeat the archers by himself. Calista will rejoin Zael inside, then more lizards will break through the wall. Defeat them as well. A Lizard blade (giant lizard) will show up through the entrance.

Once the lizards have been defeated, check the broken walls for treasure chests inside. There are two in the left area. And one on the right. Calista will wait at the next gate.

Exit the church and the pair will be in the graveyard, where more lizards are waiting. These are Gold Lizards and Gold Archers. The three hiding in the back have Burst arrows. So watch out for them. Have Calista attack the support of the bridge the three archers are on to take care of them. Or have Zael pitch a cannon shell over there to blow them up. Finish off the lizards then enter the gate.

The two can either go left or right from here.

Going left will lead to an area where there are lizard mages and snipers.

Going right will lead to an area where there are more close-combat fighters.

Before taking your selected path however, there is a narrow opening left of the door in front of Zael. Sidle through there to find the Arganan Dagger.

Go back to lizard hunting, as either path will lead to combat. Once done, either from the right path, continue on before entering the building, past a broken wall to find a chest. From the left path, exit the building Zael and Calista are in and find the same chest. Head back inside and examine the hole in the ground to go down to the next area. Calista jumps in first, and Zael follows after her.

The two of them reach the final area before the Arganan family's burial place. Open the large imposing door. Zael will go in first. Look up in First-Person mode. Zael will spot a Golden Spider.

Boss: Gold Spider

Joy, yet another spider boss. This one will be particularly tough as only Zael and Calista are available for the fight.

The spider will use body slam attacks, spit webbing on downed allies and then eat them. However unlike the fight with the Mystic Spider, the party members CAN escape it's gut. The spider will knock down both Calista and Zael, then swallow up Calista. Zael will freak out, but Calista shouts that she's all right and will use magic to attack the spider from the inside. Continue to attack the spider until Calista breaks free. When the spider farts out a trapped member, they will have the beto-beto (sticky) status. Notably this spider's reeling ability is a lot faster than the previous ones.

If Zael gets eaten, Calista starts to freak out. However while Zael is INSIDE the spider, it's defenses are crap, so feel free to swing at it while he's in there, however make sure Zael is using a weapon that has life drain so he can heal himself while attacking, as being inside the spider WILL hurt him.

Gold Spider however has a higher likelihood of swallowing up Calista instead of Zael (if he isn't using Gathering), so don't rely on this strategy.

If you plan to fight the spider head-on, use Zael's counter when it tries to claw him.

Near the end of the fight, lizard mages join in and start dropping damage circles in the area. Take them out if they're being nuisances. Once all the lizards are gone, there won't be more coming back, so focus on the spider again.

Either let the spider swallow Zael again so he can finish it off, or let Calista shoot magic at it. Once the final blow has been dealt, the spider goes down. The party receives a Grand Swell +3. Which would have been really useful for this fight.

Go down the hall that the spider was in and open the door. Climb up the stairs for a scene as Zael and Calista arrive at her parents' grave. It looks like the others ended up following after them. It would have really helped if they joined in on the fight, but

Talk to Kana first, then to Zael's friends. This will lead to the next scene, as Lowell performs a make-shift wedding ceremony. Pick the left choice to move on as Toberu Mono plays in the background and a very long cut-scene plays out.

All's well that ends well. For now. But the game isn't over yet.

Zael and Calista return to Calista's room in Lazilus Castle. Turn around in Seek mode to look at Calista to progress the scene.

Once control returns to Zael, leave Lazilus Castle and finish the game.

Note: Arganan Temple has been added to repeatable dungeons now.

If Chapter 43 hasn't been dealt with, go to Lotta's shop.

Syrenne will now be hanging around Craftsman's Alley with the Traveling Merchant girl.

If it's been done, go to Ariel's Tavern and speak to her outside. She'll be sweeping the ground. She tells Zael that Lowell says that 'that' thing has been completed, and that he's waiting somewhere around the Castle Gate Plaza, so head that way. Zael will hear a familiar voice, turn around to seek… Dagran?

Actually it's Lowell. He says 'that' thing is ready and asks if Zael is ready to go. Choose the left option to move on to Chapter 44 or choose the right one if you still have things to do in town.

Lowell will wait for Zael in front of the Color store.

The side-quests: Charisma Chef, Aspiring Patissier, The Trader, Frog of Good Luck, Man of the Solitary Island, and Lizard Counterattack are still available.