Chapter 40

The Last World

Things start off with a bang.

Boss: Berith x 3

Two of them are fake, only the real one will take damage (as shown by its life meter). The fake ones when attacked with self-destruct. Berith will attack by either swinging its arms like swords, or fire red light arrows, which will call down lightning on whomever is impaled by them.

Defeating Berith will earn the Witchcraft Dagger.

A cut-scene plays out. The party will now split up again. Zael and Mirania, Syrenne and Lowell, and Yurick by himself head for separate doors to find Zangurak.

Play will switch between Zael, Yurick, and Syrenne throughout this area now.

Syrenne and Lowell are immediately thrown into a fight with a number of Gurak troops. With Syrenne, simply attack, attack, and attack. She can also perform the Dunk Slash if she runs up a wall.

After a brief conversation, it switches to Yurick, fighting on a magical lift.

Yurick plays similarly to Lowell. Press and hold A to charge and use magic. The golems he fights against are easy targets, simply swat them with his sword, or shoot a quick fireball at them. Defeat the golems to make the lift move on. After three waves of golems, play returns to Syrenne and Lowell.

After clearing out the Gurak, large Golems have now arrived. Defeat the Golems, and then reboot them. They will help the party clear out the incoming Gurak. The wall opens up as the Gurak run away.

Back to Yurick again. Take out the golems with fireballs and sword strikes. There is a short scene with Yurick and his father's knife.

Then a short scene with Lowell and Syrenne, being attacked by Laser Tracers. The two of them have no means to fight the Tracers, so they have to retreat. Run away from the center of the room and towards the wall that just opened. The two of them will arrive at a very high bridge with a save point. Continue on. The second set of supports has a chest hiding behind it, containing 3 Dragon Hides. The two of them arrive at a dead-end. Then a rather funny cut-scene plays out.

Gameplay finally returns to Zael and Mirania. Moving forward starts a cut-scene with one of the twins, Zepha.

Boss: Zepha

This fight is the same as the first time you fought him, except his brother isn't around to help. He does however have numerous Gurak warriors coming in to back him up. Break his barriers and attack him throughout the battle.

Zepha will however cast a very wide-ranged damage circle, so stay near Mirania to avoid dying. He will eventually put up a round magic barrier, much like the square one in the Fortress. Have Mirania cast Forest to break it. Unfortunately he then puts up a barrier that Mirania can't break. Mirania says that she can sense Yurick coming this way. Hold out long enough until he arrives.

Once Yurick arrives, he will break the red barrier with his fire magic. Also since Yurick is present, cast Reverse to get rid of the damage circles.

Repeat this until Zepha is dead, and a cut-scene plays out with Yurick finishing him off with a knife to the chest.

The party receives the North Wing and South Wing swords.

A cut-scene occurs with Zangurak and Zesha.

Zael and company catch up and it's time to take down the other twin.

Boss: Zesha

Zesha is the fighter of the two, and will use Counter to guard and send you flying. This is a fight the party can't win with only three members, so sneak around Zesha and attack him from behind. He also warps around, so don't bother trying to Combo him. Beware his jumping slash as it has an area effect. He can also throw light swords that paralyze your party.

Eventually Syrenne and Lowell catch up, evening the odds. Now it is just a simple matter of attacking Zesha whenever his guard is down.

Zesha will fall, but the fight isn't over as Gurak soldiers come to attack the party.

A cut-scene plays as Zesha launches a sword at Syrenne, but Lowell pushes her out of the way and takes it instead.
With that, Zesha revives with full health. Both Syrenne and Lowell are now out of the fight. The rest of the party tells Zael to leave this to them and he must head to where Zangurak and Calista are.

Note: It IS possible, but very difficult to defeat Zesha the second time around. Also because of the nature of this fight, the experience earned from defeating the (unlimited) Gurak troops here will carry over into the next battles instead, as the party is NOT awarded experience here.

If you DO manage to take him down somehow, you get nothing at all out of it. Other than maybe the satisfaction that you beat him (again).

Head into the inner sanctum of the Last World. There is a summon circle there that Zael can use to amass that experience he may have earned but didn't receive in the fight with Zesha. It will drop two large golems for him to defeat. Deeper in the room is a door and a save point.

Open the door to find a dimly lit room. Look to Zael's right at the fallen body. Zangurak shows up and it's time for a rematch against him.

Boss: Zangurak Round 1

Attacking Zangurak head on is a poor idea, as he will simply guard, and then swat Zael away. Keep your distance for the time being. Zangurak can during his counter attack knock Zael off the platform, so hit A repeatedly to climb back up.

Wait until Zangurak takes a massive swing, run beside him and hit him to deal damage. Zangurak will perform a three-hit combo, so Zael can also interrupt him during that with his own combo. Watch out if Zangurak charges as Zael as that will deal heavy damage. Also, if Zangurak manages to grab Zael with his sword, he will slam him down and do lots of damage.

Once Zangurak's health hits zero, attack and Zael will finish him with a critical hit.

Another cut-scene plays as it's time for Round 2 with Zangurak, but this time Calista joins in as well.

Boss: Zangurak Round 2

For the time being Zangurak has a shield and will Perfect Guard attacks against him. Zael will comment that he can't break the shield, but he hears Yurick and the others coming. Run to the blue door to let the rest of the party in.

This time Zangurak has a shield and the only way to deal real damage to him is to wait for him to throw the Zanlance at Zael, dodge it and pick it up. Use the Zanlance against Zangurak to break through his defences.

An easier way to make Zangurak drop the lance is to shoot him with Prank bananas. Finally, a legitimate use for those things!

Once the shield's health is gone, a quick scene plays with Zael slicing it in two.

Continue to hammer Zangurak with his own weapon.

At this point however, Zangurak will start using his Gathering powers to attack, as well as punch the ground, creating a rock formation that can hit the party.

In order to receive the Zanlance at the end of the battle, the final blow must be dealt with the Zanlance. To do this, once Zangurak's health is low enough to defeat him in one hit, use Calista's Tension Arte to protect the party, and wait for Zangurak to toss the lance, then use it on him. The cut-scene will show Zael using the Zanlance to slash at Zangurak.

The cut-scene plays as Zangurak rips his own right arm off and dies.

With Zangurak dead, everything should be all right, right? Wrong.

Follow the arm. Head to the staircase for a cut-scene with… Dagran (say WHAT?). Dagran stabs Zangurak's arm and absorbs the power the Foreigner and the power of the Arganan bloodline.

Follow Dagran upstairs. Turn back only if you wish to use the Summoning Circle to level up.

There is a save point in the next room. Go out the door and over the floating blocks to get to the next area.

The party arrives in a dark room, and they speak to Dagran .
Another wall opens, and you see Dagran's shadow. Follow him.
They enter a room filled with blocks, and the Ruli Island's half of the Foreigner.
They speak with Dagran who finally reveals his intentions, and he destroys much of the area around him.

Prepare for a fight.

This is a three-part battle, so you need to make sure to conserve Lives and not get knocked out by Dagran.

Boss: Dagran (human)

This part is fairly simple.

Attack Dagran until he dies. One of his main attacks is to grab the closest target next to him and slam them into the ground. As long as one of the healers are up, this should be easy if the party stands in the healing circle and attack Dagran.

Boss: Dagran (monster)

Now Dagran has become a monster with a giant sword. Dodge his attacks and hit him. Dagran can now perform a Guard Break attack which hits the entire party. He will also fly into the air to unleash a homing multiple fireball spell.

A barrier will appear around Dagran, allowing him to Perfect Guard attacks. At this point, the party has no means to damage him, leading to a cut-scene.

Protect Yurick as his Meteor Tension Arte has now becomes Big Bang. Big Bang is the only way to break through Dagran's barrier. Use Gathering to attract Dagran's attention away from Yurick in order to finish the Countdown of 10.

Yurick will then drop a massive ball of fire on Dagran, shattering the barrier.

Proceed in beating on Dagran as usual. Once Yurick's Tension Gauge is full again, drop another Big Bang on Dagran, however the timer will be 40.

Once Dagran's health is <50% he'll start using his sword more often (and say something to the party, namely that he let his guard down and has to get serious). He will start getting serious at this point.

He'll fly up and charge a spell that shoots numerous needles, which will cause a Death Sentence Countdown. Run to a healing circle to get rid of this.

Once Dagran's life has gone to 0, he'll taunt the party and change form again.

Boss: Dagran (huge form)

This form of Dagran deals ridiculous amounts of damage. He ditches the sword, but all he has to do is slap the party twice and then pick them up (if they're floored) and slam them into the ground. Shake the control stick to roll away safely when he slams you. If you fail to roll away, this attack will do 99999 damage regardless of armor/health etc.

At this point, have Zael run up the numerous blocks in the area and climb them. Once Zael gets high enough, he can reach Dagran's head and attack him with a Dunk Slash. Dagran will however catch on and destroy the blocks you try to climb. The blocks will fortunately rebuild themselves after a while.

Dagran will shoot a giant laser that has a ridiculous amount of knock back, so be careful.

Continue to hit Dagran's feet to deal damage to him. Once Dagran's Health is at 0 again, climb up the blocks to deal the finishing blow to Dagran (in a manner of an awesome cut-scene!).

After a long scene with Dagran, prepare to escape the Last World, as the whole place is collapsing. Leave the area where the party fought Dagran and Zangurak to go where Lowell has collapsed.

Zael receives the Traive sword from Dagran.

There is a short scene with Lowell and the party continues to escape the Last World.

Pick up the East Wing and West Wing swords here before leaving.

Once on the bridge, keep running and don't look back. The place is falling apart!

The party makes it the lift, but they're attacked by Golems. Get rid of them. During this fight, everything looks like complete utter chaos, so be careful. Once the fight here is finished, the party has made it out safely.

The game moves on to Chapter 41.