Chapter 4

Lazulis City

Wander around the city and explore. There are weapon shops, armor shops, arrow shops, material, grocer, and upgrade shops, but nothing is critical at this point. Several other sidequests are also available to do in the city now.

Dagran will catch up to you after a few minutes… look at him in first person mode and when you reach the dialog choice, you can either go with him to see the parade, or go there later if you still want to explore.

After the parade, you can: head back to the Tavern with Dagran, or continue to explore the city until sunset.

In the Northwest part of the city is the battle arena (large circular area on the town map). Talk to Lowell and Syrenne for a scene and then you can enter season 1 of the Arena to win gold/items/experience. Be sure to talk to the people outside the arena if you win to get some additional gold or items.

After a few more minutes, the sun will start to set and an arrow will appear pointing the way back to the tavern. You are still free to explode the city at your leisure despite the obnoxious white arrow.

When you're ready, enter the tavern again. After a scene you can talk to your party members again for some more dialogue. Ariel wants you to go out and fetch more alcohol for Syrenne.

Leave the tavern and you'll see that it is now night. Run straight ahead and then follow the arrow. You will hear a sneeze coming from somewhere. In Seek Mode, look at the wagon to start another cut-scene.

After the scene, run south across the bridge until you reach the market and trigger a scene. Run towards Lisa when you're able to do so. Continue south, triggering a couple more scenes.

Now you're going to have to lose the guards. Shake the analog stick if the guards catch Zael or Lisa to break free.

There are a few ways this can be done:

  • You may be tempted to duck into some of the really narrow alleyways but it is much easier to stay on somewhat wider alleys and roads.
  • Try to make as many turns as possible. There will be another scene when you lose them.
  • A quick way is to head into one of the wide empty alleys and hide behind some buildings. The guards aren't exactly very observant so they give up if they can't see you.
  • There are fruit baskets on some barrels, when you run by them, you can hit the 'Action' button to knock them over, which will trip the guards.

Follow the arrow back to Ariela's Tavern when you're ready.

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