Chapter 39

Lizard's Cave Revisit

The party finds themselves back where all their troubles originally started. Seek the burning ships for a bit of commentary.
There is a chest along the corner of the area near the water, as well as three hidden behind a fallen column of rock. Head up the stairs to find a save point, and carry on, check the wall to get to the next area, there is a passage to the right with a chest. Follow after your party.

Continue on through the cave. Another chest will be in a small alcove to the right. Move on until the party sees some Gurak forces hanging around a larger cave. One of those Gurak Fields are there, so take him out.
Be careful in this area, as the Gurak are using landmines. After you defeat a few of them, the Gurak run off and set off some explosives, blocking off your path back to the ruins. Seek mode will come up, so inspect a walled area to the right of the sealed entrance. Zael will check the wall to find another entrance.

Go through the small hall, and check the wall to go to another large cavern. There are more Gurak here. If the party takes a left and into a cave, there is a chest there go back out. Before the battle starts, shoot down one of the Gurak mages standing on a perilous outcropping to start the battle (and get rid of one mage). In the central area where the Gurak troops are stationed, there are floating mines that will blow up paralyze whoever gets close to them, so beware. Zael can destroy them from a distance with his bowgun.

Move on once all the Gurak have been defeated, and go through the long rock hallway back to the Castle Ruins.

There is a cut-scene with Zangurak and Calista. Zangurak opens the sealed gate using Calista.

The party arrives in a room with a Enemy Summon Circle, Lotta's Summon Circle and a save point. There are two chest in the corner, right of the stage like area. Continue down the hall and open the door. As the gate comes within sight, there is a strange black thing sitting on the ground. It warps the party to another dimension. Syrenne tries to take a swing at it before it retaliates.

Boss: Last Cocoon

Do NOT approach the Cocoon, it will simply pick up your party members and throw them around like rag dolls, like it demonstrated on Syrenne earlier.

You will also notice that its health bar is empty, and slowly fills up for some reason. Stay back as the cocoon starts draining the party's life. Once its health is full, it gets huger, then another cut-scene occurs.

Zael is taken back to the past, just during the time when bandits attacked his village. A Bandit appears, so take him down, and it turns out to be Lowell, except Zael doesn't realize this. The next bandit appears but it's actually Syrenne. Take her out too. Another cut-scene as Zael cuts down Syrenne. The third one to go is Mirania. Another cut-scene as Zael freaks out and goes back to reality, but in a more white-lit dimension.

Yurick is the only one left, but he's also gone insane and is Nitro powered. Knock him out too, then another cut-scene occurs.

The monster finally takes on another form, and it is somewhat similar to the first boss, but more feral.

Boss: Last Cocoon (second form)

Now that the boss has stopped screwing around with the party's memories, prepare to beat it down. Except for one minor problem, it will dodge your attacks. Very quickly.

However, the time to attack it is when it climbs up one of the pillars. Either use Counter to deflect the projectiles it throws back at it, or have the magic users bombard the pillar with magic. Once it falls, run up to Last Cocoon and slice away.

Once it reaches 50% health, Last Cocoon transforms into something more like the first Cocoon, then the
party returns to the dimension where Cocoon sent them first. It also heals it health back to full.

Boss: Last Cocoon (final form)

Cocoon will attack by body slamming areas where the party is, or by throwing swords of light. If the sword hits its target, it will then bring down lightning and deal heavy damage.

In the room with many pillars, you will notice a large sword suspended above the altar where the Cocoon was originally. Lead the boss to the altar and then drop the sword on him by shooting it with Burst arrows once the boss is standing directly under it. Once the sword falls, it will pin the boss to the Altar, but it won't kill it.

Run up to Cocoon and press A to 'Ride' it. Zael will jump up Cocoon's body and stab it in the face, dealing 99999 damage each time, and the boss cannot retaliate in anyway as you stab it to death.

Killing the Last Cocoon earns you the Nightmare sword.

Head into the gate to follow Zangurak to Chapter 40.