Chapter 38

Raging Ocean

Zael and Calista fall out of the fortress and into the water. As Zael, swim around aimlessly for a while.
Eventually another cut-scene occurs and Zael goes into first-person mode. Swim around some more.

Another cut-scene as Zael starts to get swallowed up by the waves. Swim some more, and a cut-scene with a ship occurs.

In Seek mode, look at the ship (the cursor should turn red).
Zael will get dragged aboard the ship somehow, and another cut-scene occurs.

When Zael finally comes to, look to the left at Jirall. The guy has finally gone bat-shit insane. Prepare for a fight against Jirall (finally)!

Boss: Jirall

Dodge his jumping attack, and then hide behind one of the railings to Slash at him. Use Counter if possible to deal heavy damage to him. Attack him a few more times until he is knocked to the ground.

A Quick-time scene plays, the sequence in Up-Down-Up. If successful, Zael will end up behind Jirall.
If failed, the sequence will be Up-Down-Left to dodge.

If Jirall stabs Zael, shake the stick back and forth to break free, because Jirall will drain Zael's HP.

Take advantage of the times when Jirall starts laughing psychotically to beat on him.

Once Jirall has taken enough damage, the Quick-time event changes.
Press Up to dodge the attack, then Left and A to attack Jirall.

Repeat until Jirall's health is low.

When Jirall's health has reached to the point he only needs one more hit to kill, Zael will automatically kill him in a cut-scene.

Zael will receive the Emperor (cursed) Sword after this battle.

Another cut-scene occurs with the rest of the party reuniting with Zael and heading back to Ruli Island.

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