Chapter 37

Fortress Island

The party has now entered the Gurak Fortress. Head straight and where the road forks, there is a Gurak Field to the right. Once he spots Zael, he will put up a barrier that can only be broken by magic. Have the spell casters attack the shield, then have Zael shoot down the Field with his crossbow. Head back to the left fork to find two chests. Then back to the right to get
another chest. This area has a Save point and Summon Circle. Press onward down the next passage.

This next area has numerous Ogres and some guards. The party tells Zael to sneak past without alerting the guards, so hide behind the pillars and move to the exit on the Left. If you screw up you can just kill the guards and ogres instead. If Zael makes it across undetected, wait for the guard to turn around to call the rest of the party over. Wait for each guard to turn his back on the party in before calling them over. You will do this three times.

If the party gets detected, they're in for a fight with Gurak Elite and Ogres.

As the party heads down the ladder, they ARE detected anyway, so they will have to fight off a group of Gurak Elite and Ogres.
Have one of the spell casters destroy the bridge, then when this first group of enemies is dead, another group comes down from the lift. Head into the lift after defeating the remaining enemies.

From this point on, a lot of the enemies have the Nitro status.

The party reaches a bridge and yet another fight. There are two Gurak Fields this time. Zael can climb a ladder to the right to go around and pincer attack the foes.

After the first group is dead, another group drops down to the higher ground. Zael can climb up there to fight them while the party supports him from the lower area. Take the lift to the next area once these Gurak are dead.

To the left of the lift there are two chests. Head towards the large door to an even larger room with six intersecting bridges. Once inside there is another scene, and yet another fight. There is another one of the Gurak shield makers, mages and other nasty dudes. As the party makes it to the center intersection of the room, they get split up again by falling rocks.

Zael is now with Calista only, so head for the door. The next room has two chests in it, open those then take the lift to the next area.

Now on the 9th floor, what the hell are those things to the right? Gold Coffins, but before dealing with them, open the left door to find Lowell sprawled on the ground. Move over to him to have him rejoin the party. Then go and approach the coffins. Once Zael moves past them, they start to move and attack the party. Take down the Gold Coffins. After hitting one of them, a short scene with Syrenne occurs. Help her out of the lift by pulling on the maces jamming the gate. Syrenne will join in on the fight as well. Head toward the open door and up the stairs.

The next room has numerous stairs cases and lots of Gurak troops stationed around it. More of the Gurak Fields are here as well. Midway in the fight, Mirania and Yurik reunite with the party and join in. Defeat both Gurak Fields then run up the stairs to clear out the rest of the enemies. Once defeated, before heading straight through on the second level, head to the third one and there will be a doorway on the right side of the room. This room has an enemy Summon Circle, so use it if necessary. It will summon a group of Nitro Gurak. This is a good place to level up any characters that haven't been used for a while. Once done with this area, head through the door on the second level.

Down the passage and to the left is a room with the lift. There are three chests, a save point and a summon circle for Horrace.

(If you Summon Horrace here, he nearly chokes to death as he was eating before you called him.)

Head up the lift to the 20th floor. Open the door to the next room. It is another one of those rooms with the 6 intersecting paths. Once the party reaches the center, they are stopped by Zefa and Zesha.

Boss: Zefa & Zesha

The twins are tough. Zefa will put up a physically impenetrable barrier while Zesha attacks the party from behind it.

In order to break the barrier, cast a spell which matches its color. So when it is green, use Forest; blue, use Blizzard; red, use Prominence; and yellow, use Shining.

The twins will heal their injuries so continue to attack them. To win this battle, defeat Zefa as he will not heal himself. Zesha will.

When the team breaks a barrier, both twins will leap up into the air and slam down their swords, so get out of the way.

Once Zefa's life has been drained the battle ends and a cut-scene occurs.

The party receives a Salamander's Bone and Gurak Stardust from this battle. They learn that Zangurak is trying to take Lazulis Castle's half of the Outsider, however they must press on and destroy the half being kept on Gurak island. Head towards the set of double stairs, and find a Red warp gate similar to the one in Lazulis Castle. Enter the gate.

In the warp they find the Gurak half of the Outsider. They are then attacked by Atar, who takes both Zael and Calista to the top of the fortress.

Boss: Atar

This fight is similar to the fight against Mitra, except that the other party members aren't there to help (yet). Focus on trying to stay alive until they arrive. Because Mirania isn't there, Atar can't be silenced and therefore can't be grounded for now unless you use Zael's Guard Counter ability.

Stay away from the damage circles Atar drops and dodge it's fireball and beam attacks. It will also start dropping lightning around the entire field.

The other members will finally show up, immediately have Mirania cast Forest, then use Gale to drop Atar on the ground. From
there you can proceed in attacking it.

Calista will mention that if she uses her Tension Arte, she can summon Mitra to help.

Zael can command her to do this whenever, but wait for a second chance to drop to the ground Atar first before summoning
Mitra. The Countdown for Calista's ability becomes 10 however, so you must protect her while she summons Mitra.

Once she does it successfully, Mitra appears and a cut-scene between the two occurs, with Mitra shattering Atar's wings to pieces.

Now that it can't fly around, the party is able to beat on it until it dies.

However even though it can't fly now, Atar becomes more aggressive and attacks at a quicker rate, dropping lightning and fire everywhere.

Once Atar's health has ran out, Zael must deal the final blow, knocking it up and sending it crashing back down into the fortress.

A cut-scene occurs in Lazulis Castle. Then another cut-scene in the fortress.

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