Chapter 35

Port Lazilus

Ruli Island is now being invaded by the Gurg, while Tasha and the remaining Ruli Knights try to hold them off. The party arrives back in the city, which is now in ruins. Elza is joined by Seiren, Yuris and Manamia.

Some Gurg troops start to attack the party, including some hiding in the rooftops sniping at them. Once defeated, follow the ship that just left the port. Elza will yell at the escaping Ruli Knights.

The next cut-scene shows Elza how to defeat the flying Gargoyles; with Burst Arrows. Don't let the knight's sacrifice be in vain.

Elza must shoot down 3 Gargoyles with Burst Arrows. Any that he lets pass through will drop Gurg troops. Defeating all the Gargoyles lets the party continue on.

Near the back of Port Lapis (where the buildings are) are two chests. A save point is nearby as well.Moving further along the port, another Muruu appears.

Boss: Darkmuruu

Same as its predecessors, but stronger and nastier. Because Kanan isn't here, the Deflector spell strategy won't work, so be prepared to be paralyzed during the fight. Darkmuruu can also cast fire damage circles, and during its needle shooting attack, it can possess your allies, making life difficult. Lure possessed allies into Manamia's healing circles to bring them back to normal.

When finally downed, it will drop the General Sword.

Elza will spot Tasha and the Knights on the dock. The party must head over to help him.
The gate to where Tasha is has rusted over, so have Yuris blow it up while holding off Gurg soldiers.

Elza will reach Tasha during a cut-scene. Help him defeat the incoming Gurg coming from the ships.

Another cut-scene will play as Tasha catches a sword to the leg. He gives Elza the key to the Underground Sewer.

Head for the Underground Sewer, but before that open the two chests next to the entrance. Inside the party is reunited with Kanan, Jackal and others. While underground, talk to everybody.

Upgrading: Speak to Lotta
Armor: Ariel's Father
Upgrades/Arrows: Zola
Weapons/Identifying: Merchant from the Tavern
Materials: Ariel

Free stuff:
Salamander Bone: Little boy next to Manamia
Light of the Foreigner: Wack
Once all preparations are ready, talk to Kanan twice. A conversation between the entire party begins.
As Elza opens the door, Lotta asks him to wait. He hands over the Summoning Stone. This allows the party to summon Lotta in certain Summon circles to Upgrade equipment and so on. Head out the door and down the stairs to go to Chapter 36.