Chapter 34

Turret Basement

The chapter starts in a massive staircase. Before climbing down however, turn back and search the area for a treasure chest, inside is a Royal Ring.

Now the current enemies have a new status associated to them; 'Nitro', making them stronger than the usual ones. Defeat the first group and move on. There is a chest on the left side near the railing so don't climb down the stairs yet.

More Nitro powered lizards. Because of their super powers, they can greatly extend the area of effect of their damage circles, so be sure to stay in Mirania or Calista's Heal Circles. Defeat the Lizard Mages and Healers to get rid of the Damage Circle. Open the next door and move on.

When Seek comes up, look for the sparking connector. Shooting the Sparking connectors will cause anything close to it to have the Kura-kura (dizzy) status (including your party members). There are more Nitro powered Lizards here. Attack the Mages with Zael's bowgun to prevent them from casting any harmful magic. Move to the next area, open the chest at the bottom of the staircase, then go through the door.

From the doorway, head to the right to find more Lizards, Syrenne and Mirania leave the party to deal with them. Zael will run into Zoran who's sitting in a corner. Zoran will Upgrade equipment or sell weaponry to the party. His stock is fairly normal. Ditch Zoran and move to the next room. The nasty creature from the jail is here.

Boss: Berith

Notice that Berith has a Health meter, and a Shield Meter. In order to damage Berith, the shield has to be broken first. Be sure to protect the Count, as he will not help in this battle, but if he dies it's game over.

Stay close to Berith and hit it until the shield breaks. Use Calista's magic circles to deal more damage to it. Dodge the arrows it fires, as they will stay stuck in the character they hit, then explode for more damage.

After hitting it for a while, it will regenerate its shield, so repeat the process again until Berith is low on health. By this point the other four party members make their return, so the fight will be easier now.

Killing Berith will earn the party the Chaos Blade.

The party can either head through the door the others came from, or continue on through the massive gate. Going through the door to the left earns you three treasure chests. If needed, turn back and find Zola to upgrade any new gear.

Go through the large door, and inside the room, there is a gate to another dimension and a save point.
Save if needed, then go through the gate.

A scene plays out, then have Zael move towards the Count, to start a longer cut-scene. The Outsider appears and the Count starts slashing at it with his sword, causing it to sink again, mess up the entire room and summon the dragon, Mitra.

Boss: Mitra

Attack Mitra will cause it to harm Count Arganan (who only has one Life now), so that's bad. In order to defeat Mitra, use Mirania's Plant magic on it, then use Gale to spread the Silence effect. This will cause Mitra to crash land onto the ground, allowing the party to harm it and not the Count. Watch out for the projectiles it spits out, as they can instantly take out a party member.

When Mitra has crashed onto the ground, start beating on it. After a certain point, Mitra will start shooting a more dangerous laser beam, so be prepared to avoid that. Your overall strategy should remain the same.

Defeating Mitra will free the Count and control of the Outsider is returned to the Arganan family, allowing the Castle's cannon to be fired.

A cut-scene occurs, showing the two islands at war. The Count himself starts going completely nuts as the Outsider absorbs him. Lazilus Island's cannon fails and Gurak Island starts to retaliate, blasting Lazilus Castle and crashing into it.

The game moves on to Chapter 35.