Chapter 33

Lazilus Castle: Great Hall

The party is standing around discussing the current affairs, and the Earl comes to speak with them. The Earl needs to party to escort him back to the Control room so that Ruli Island can fight back. Because Elza isn't present, you take control of Jackal, who plays different from Elza. Jackal will also get leveled up if he's weaker than Elza. The Earl will join the party for now.

Jackal's Controls:
Hold A to charge Ice magic, Ice magic can be released any time during the Countdown, but letting it reach 0 will cause it to do more damage.

Head for the Courtyard, where the party will have to fight off some Gurg troops. Tasha will show up as well. A scene where a Gargoyle drops an Ogre cage occurs, and more Ogres come to attack the party. Watch out for the Gurg Archers atop the arch. Use Jackal's ice magic to drop them. Tasha will leave the party, so head toward the Military building. Another cut-scene occurs with the Gurg infiltrating the Castle Prison and unleashing something nasty.

Inside the Military building, Lizards and Spiders will attack the party. Jackal can shoot Ice at one of the supports to drop it on the enemies for heavy damage. Defeat any stragglers and move on to the lift.

Elza will be reunited with the rest of the party, and you regain control of him. Defeat the incoming Gurg soldiers and protect the Earl. Once the fight is over, another cut-scene occurs, with the Earl ordering the Foreigner to fire on the Gurg. The cannon however refuses to work as something is stopping it. The party has to go remove the seal on it. Enemies arrive as the party goes to deal with whatever it is down there. Jackal and Yuris stay behind to deal with them.

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