Chapter 31

Place of Secrets

Elza, Kanan and Tasha find themselves in another warped world. Travel down the spiraling staircase. When the party reaches a dead-end they will be attacked by a Tracer. The party has no normal means to attack these, so have Elza use Gathering, then Gathering Burst to slow them down so that Tasha can help Elza eliminate the floating orb. After defeating it, the pathway is opened.

Continue down the stairs until the party reaches another dead end. Five more Tracers will attack this time. Continue until the party reaches the bottom of the staircase and finds a gate.

They will be attacked by Tracers again, except there seems to be a countless number of them. Defeat enough of them in order to move on through the gate. Tasha leaves the party to hold off the Tracers.

Inside the gate, a cut-scene plays out. Elza and Kanan find themselves in a mysterious space that warps time and space. The two of them meet the Ancient Witch who tells them the truth about the Foreigner and Elza's powers. The two of them leave and reunite with Tasha. Prepare to climb back up the stairs again to return back to the normal world.

Elza will be back in his bedroom, and the entire castle is bustling with activity, in preparation for Elza's knighting ceremony and his wedding to Kanan. Leave the living area and head back to the main castle. Talk to Elza's friends who are hanging around the area. Manamia and Jackal are on the main floor of the castle. Yuris is in the Courtyard. Seiren and Quark are still in Ariel's Tavern.

Note: Beware that from this point on, now is the only time Elza can choose to return to Ruli City to do any side-quests or extra battles.

There is no turning back from here on until the Epilogue chapter.

Once you are ready, return to the Castle, and when the Knights inform Elza that preparations for the ceremony are ready choose 'I understand' (left option) to move on to Chapter 32