Chapter 3

Ariela's Tavern: Day

After a scene, you'll be free to walk around. You can talk to any of your party members, Ariela the owner's daughter, or several patrons.

The various options you can choose will give you varying reactions from the NPC characters, which shouldn't affect your game play.

There is a traveling merchant (weapon shop) in the room to the right of the entrance. On the second floor there are three rooms you can go into, Zael's (and the other guys), Syrenne and Mirania 's and Ariela's room.

Talk to Dagran; after a flashback scene you will be able to talk to him by the door. Choose the left option 'Yes' to get 2000 G from him, as he wants you to go get supplies.

There's nothing else that you can do here, so exit through the main entrance into Lazulis City.

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