Chapter 29

Gurg Castle

Elza is accompanied by Four Knight Masters and Baron Huge (another knight). The five of them are fairly useless. Climb up the stairs for a scene between the knights and Gurg civilians. Keep moving for another scene of senseless carnage and violence.

Seiren will show up to accompany you instead of the knights after this scene.

WARNING: Taking these items will prevent you from receiving the Gurg Esoteric Writing material item later.

Wander around to the Gurg Iron Pot, Gurg Comb and Gurg Doll while Elza is in the area. The two southward passages in the area Elza starts on lead to the Pot and Comb. Follow Seiren across the left-most bridge, and head to the passage directly in front of the bridge. Enter the narrow passage to find the Gurg Doll. Once Elza has everything, head to the left to find a Gurg civilian for another cut-scene.

Go back to Seiren's location for yet another scene and flash-back. Follow Seiren to the main castle area. The Knight Masters and Baron Huge rejoin you. Head to the lift for another cut-scene. Go up into the lift and open the door. Enter the throne room for another cut-scene.

After this scene, Tasha joins up with Elza and Seiren. Speak with Seiren, the two pair of knights in the corners and Tasha. Tasha will comment about how corrupt the knights are being now, and how things would have been different is Master Trista was still alive. As this occurs, Elza is ordered to check out the area behind the large door for remaining Gurg survivors. As you approach, there is a Gurg child there. Chase after him (don't bother attacking him as he is invincible). Elza will approach the child and get
shot in the face with a slingshot for his trouble. Continue to chase after the kid and find other survivors.

There is another cut-scene after this. Leave the area and head back to the throne room.

Elza and company find three knights remaining and two ogres.

Take out the ogres and don't expect much help from the knights as Baron Huge is too busy freaking out and begging for help.

When the ogres have been defeated (one of them falls on Huge), there is a short scene with Seiren and the Baron. Elza will talk to Tasha as they leave, leading to another cut-scene. Move on to Chapter 30.