Chapter 28

+++Lazulis Castle: Courtyard

Heading back to Lazulis Castle… instead of escaping, Zael and Dagran are breaking in. The game will zoom to the door the pair need to get to. Do not let the guards spot you, and do not attack the guards. Zael doesn't have access to the Sleep arrows like last time, so he must wait for the guards to pass, and sneak by them quietly. Wait for the knight to pass, then head for the middle of the courtyard. From there, Zael can easily get to the door, just don't let the knight catch up to you.

Once inside, follow the arrow to Jirall's room. Just don't go up the left staircase, as there is a guard there and he WILL follow you. Instead head up the right staircase, and wait for the patrolling knight there to walk away toward the library. At the hallway near the count's office, there are guards standing there, so walk toward the window there. Dagran will stop Zael and tell him to wait. Dagran will go and distract the guards, sending them away. Zael is now free to continue on to the living quarters.

Go to Jirall's room. Using Seek mode, check the desk. This will lead to a cut-scene with the Count and Jirall.
Zael is now a free man, and wakes up in his room in the Castle. Answer the door and speak with Therius. Therius suspects that Jirall has been framed and somebody else killed General Asthar. Head to the Grand Hall afterward, Zael will speak with Dagran, the two of them will have a small disagreement. Dagran tells Zael to go to the Tavern and talk to the others.

It is sometime in the evening now, so night events are still accessible.

At the Tavern, speak with Syrenne and Lowell. Speak to them again to head to the Arena, for Season Two. After clearing the Arena, Zael and co will complain about the match. Talk to Syrenne again for another scene.

Head back to the Castle, some knights will ask you to go to the Lookout point, but don't go with them yet, and find Mirania in the Castle Library. Talk to her (this is the only scene where she'll be wearing glasses).

Afterward go the the Lookout point, talk to the Count and in Seek mode, look at the Gurak continent.

Another scene will play out. When you're ready, select 'Yes' (left choice) to move on to Chapter 29, as a CG cut-scene will play out.