Chapter 27

Lazulis Castle: Prison

Zael finds himself in jail (again). Wait for Dagran to arrive and speak to him. After Dagran leaves, wait a bit for the next cut-scene. In Seek mode look to Zael's right at the robed figure. The figure turns out to be Calista. Now the two of them must escape the castle and find Mirania, so head to the Courtyard (Left choice).

During this part, control goes over to Calista. Use the bowgun to snipe at the patrolling guards to put them sleep. Don't let Zael get caught. Put six knights to sleep and Zael will move on. However the door is locked, so check each of the knights for the Courtyard key (and extra items). Inside the Castle, put the two Knights in plain sight to sleep. You need to get Zael and Calista to the Castle Library. There are two knights patrolling the third floor where the library is. Put them to sleep too. You can check these guards as well for items.

Control returns to Zael. Look to the right for Mirania. Zael does a horrible job of hiding, and the knights do a lousy job of searching. Another cut-scene with the party. Mirania proposes that the party return to Ariel's Tavern, so they head there immediately. And another cut-scene plays out with the rest of the party.

After some discussion, the party decides to head back to the Castle. Talk to the rest of the party in the Tavern.
Talk to Dagran when you're ready to break in to the Castle and move on to Chapter 28.

Note: It is night outside of the Tavern, so it is possible to do some night-time only side-quests now.
Head to the Tavern Salamander, and Seek the man standing South East to its entrance to receive the Bottle (joke weapon).