Chapter 23

Tower of Trials

Zael will follow General Asthar to the Tower of Trials. Follow General Asthar's instructions in order to be successful.

There are Five Trials, but before Zael can continue on, he will receive Key Item: Magatama of Ordeals.

Floor 1: Defense

Zael must first carry the little bow through the obstacle course and avoid getting shot up by the archers. Be sure to hide behind whatever cover is provided as he makes it across the bridge. Once Zael reaches the gate, a trial mage (statue) will help him defeat the archers.
Use Gathering to attract attention away from the mage, allowing him a clear shot at the archers.

Clearing this will earn the Solid Shield, which boosts Zael's Defense by +10. Head up the stairs to the next floor.

Floor 2: Strength

Zael must wipe out all the enemies by himself. The archers and healers will be easy to deal with. The ogres might give you more trouble. Note that some of the knights are still statues. These ones are invincible and must be defeated by knocking them off the stage. The healers however will cast poison, so use the fountain to heal that. Once Zael steps in the inner area with the fountain, the stone knights will awaken, so avoid them if necessary, then knock them off the stage when you have a chance.

Clearing this will earn the Ferocious Sword, which boosts Zael's Attack by +10. Head through the gate to the next floor.

Floor 3: Intelligence

Zael is allowed to have only one ally on this floor. Choose from the Mage, Archer, or Healer to defeat the enemy team. Choosing the Mage statue will allow Zael to damage the otherwise invincible Knight. Use Seek to order the Mage to cast a spell.

Clearing this will earn the Sharp Eye, which boosts Arrow Damage by +5.0.

Floor 4: Humanity

Zael has six allies which he must team up with to defeat the enemy team of six. Simply beat the six enemies to death, this is an easy fight.

Clearing this will earn the Gentle Hand, which boosts Zael's Speed by +10. Head to the open door to the next floor.

Floor 5: Bravery

Boss: General Asthar

Zael now must duel against General Asthar. In order to continue this fight on, Zael must use all his unique skills at least once on General Asthar. Use Wind, Dunk Slash, and Slash in order to further the battle. (Also you must use Counter if this is a New Game Plus run)

Beware of General Asthar's jumping slam. It will deal heavy damage if it connects. General Asthar doesn't have any other special attacks other than following after Zael and hitting him with his sword.

Don't bother firing arrows at General Asthar, as he will Perfect Guard them all. There will be quick-time event cut-scenes where you must push up or down to block General Asthar's attacks. This will occur four times. The final time, Zael will knock General Asthar's sword out of his hands and end the battle.

General Asthar will give Zael his medal. Finishing the battle will also earn Zael the ability to Counter.

Clearing this will earn the Brave Soldier, which gives Zael +100 to his max health.

Head downstairs for a cut-scene with Jill. That guys pulls some weird stuff when he shakes Zael's hand, meaning Zael has to finish the next fight against the Ogre within the count down, or it's Game Over.

Defeating the Ogre earns you a Wise Dagger.

After all this, Zael will return to his room and the day passes.

Therius knocks on the door and speaks with Zael. Talk to Therius to continue on to Chapter 26, unless you still have to finish up the optional chapters first:

Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 24
Chapter 25

Also: Leave the castle and head to Ariel's Tavern to see a cut-scene with Yurick, and talk to the rest of the party.