Chapter 21

Tavern Salamander

In order to access this optional Chapter, clear some of the [[Chapter 19]] Side-quests first.

Return to Ariel's Tavern and talk to the man in green (with the hat) near the back of the first floor. Agree to help him find his daughter who was kidnapped by a robed man.

Head towards the Fountain Plaza and Zael will spot the robed man.

Use Seek to confirm that it's him. Then follow him down the alley.
Once you've chased him far enough, he will run into a building that at the start of the game the party couldn't access.
This is the Tavern Salamander. Go inside and in Seek mode, find the man twice.

Walk over to him to start a fight.
Defeat him and his goons. More goons come in, but this time Dagran, Yurick, and Syrenne join in on the fun.
Defeat all the goons and check behind the bar for two chests. Head up the stairs on the left.
Use Slash to knock the two guards out. Syrenne will check one door with Zael , as Dagran checks another.
Enter the room and take out the six goons. Get the single chest near the corner.
The game goes to a scene with Dagran finding a key.
Meet back up with Dagran. Go to the room Dagran was in to find two chests and a save point.
There will be a door with seals on it. Zael can't open that yet. Head back to the room Zael explored with Syrenne, open the door.

No one is inside the next room. Check out the window in Seek Mode and climb outside to get to the other room.

Once Zael gets far along enough, a little girl will call for help and open the window. Head inside and kill the goons.

When the party heads back downstairs, it's time for a boss fight.

Boss: Lesser Shade

Normal weapons can't damage it. In order to hurt it, knock over the torches near the shade and then attack it with elemental damage, or use Yurick's fire circles.

If the party can defeat the shade very quickly, Zael will receive a ? Bowgun (which, when Identifiedm becomes the Fast Bowgun).

Talk to the girl's father back in Ariel's Tavern to receive 3 Dragon Claws.

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