Chapter 19

Underground Secret Path

After agreeing to help Horace escape, you will enter the Underground Ruins below the prison.

There are a number of hidden walls/passages in this area. If you are in need of gold, have Zael examine the walls to the treasure chests, as an explosion will knock free a bag of gold (but also hurt Zael). In all other instances you should have Horace examine them.

In the starting room: Seek the following.

Left Wall -> Treasure Chest
Right Wall -> Crawl space to the next area. Mirania will sneeze and complain that it's cold.

Next area: Seek again. Empty Well Room.

Left Wall -> Treasure Chest
Right Wall -> Crawl space to the Healing Well room.

Healing Well Room
Horace will stand around, but look up and see the Spider to start a fight. After the fight, a door opens. Go back into Seek mode.

The wall next to Crawl space -> Treasure Chest

Go out the door. Lizard Statue Room

Left Wall -> Lotta checks out the chest, and the party hears noise. Zael will go out to check.

Quickly look left to block the lizard man's attack. Defeat the Stone Blade Lizards, all the doors open afterward.

Go down the stairs under the sarcophagus.

Horace will then open a trapped chest. Undead and spiders appear to start another fight.

Go into Seek mode to search the room. There are two doors you can open in this room.

Left Wall -> Treasure Chest

If you head through the Left Passage there is a Summon Circle. Check the left wall for a Treasure Chest.

If you head through the Right Passage, check the Left wall first. There will be a treasure chest, but enemies will appear. Defeat them, then search for the passage on the Right side. There is a narrow hallway with a chest. Horace will run towards it, but he will trigger a trapdoor and fall in.

In order to get the chest, go into Seek mode, and look up. There is a crystal stalactite structure. Shoot that with a Burst Arrow to break it and the crystals will fall and knock the chest down into the next area.

Lower Basement Ruins
The chest that was knocked down is sitting here. Open it to get the Deadly Bow.

Go straight and to the right into a foggy room.

Check the left wall, and go up the stairs to the room with pews and benches.

Check the main coffin. It will explode and Necromancer comes out.
Quickly attack him and he will escape. Follow him down the stairs underneath the coffin.
Beat him up and he runs away. Go down the stairs under the coffin.

The party enters a room full of skeletons. Fight the Skeleton King, and his underlings. Be careful as he is a giant skeleton that throws the smaller ones in order to attack. Defeating him will have a save point appear.

Another Statue room. Open the coffin. Get Zael to open it because Horace has low lives, and if Horace dies it is game over. Opening the coffin will KO whoever opens it.

Note: Horace can (and most likely will) die without incident on your second playthrough. Use Revive if you want him to stay around for longer.

Boss: Necromancer

Necromancer appears again. This is the last fight against him. He summons skeletons and Stone Blade lizard men to attack, so be careful of being petrified.

When the Necromancer's HP goes to 0, Zael has to run over to him and finish him off with a critical hit.

Check the ice structure in the room. Another cut-scene with Horace and a Sun stone, leading to the next room.

In the Tomb room. You find a dead-end and check the coffin. Another cut-scene. Find a book. Get the Sun stone from Horace.

A Cut-scene with General Asthar. Zael will refuse to talk. Another scene with Dagran and Count Arganan.
Check the cell door. Get taken to trial again for another scene. Asthar and Calista interrupt. Dagran and the Count show up as well.

Get freed from Prison. (Finally!) Find Asthar in the courtyard and talk to him. Finish and head back into the castle to talk to Count Arganan with Dagran.

Find Calista who ran away to go apologize/explain to her. Head towards her bedroom. She's not there. Zael has some interesting comments if you try the spare room or Jirall's room. To continue, go to the ballroom.

Follow her to the balcony. Cut-scene with Calista.

You are now free to leave the Castle and explore town again.

The only place outside of Lazulis island that you can go to is the Mysterious Forest.

From here, Zael can choose two additional side chapters.

Talk to people at the Tavern to find out that Horace was looking for Zael and is hanging around Arganan Bridge. Seek mode near the bridge to find him. Talk to Horace and agree to help him in order to go to Chapter 20.

Talk to a man in the corner of the first floor of the Tavern in order to unlock Chapter 21. Agree to help him in order to do so.

Heading back to Castle Arganan and talking to the Count will start Chapter 22.