Chapter 16

Gurg's Military Base

Zael's back on the boat before the chapter officially starts. Go around and talk to his friends. Mirania will say that the boat is about ready to leave the island.

The door that was stuck earlier has been unstuck, so Zael can go inside. Once inside, Zael finds a number of books and other things stolen from Ruli Island. Examine the black-blue looking book on the desk. Zael reads it and finds symbols similar to the pattern on his right hand. A key drops out of the book and Calista comes into the room.

Zael receives the Key Item: Liquor Cabinet Key. Head to the Captain's room and Seek there for the hidden room on the left side of the area. Examine the shelf and Zael finds a hidden room. Inside this room, use Seek on the map on the wall. This leads to narration about the location of where the Gurak's Military Base is located. Dagran suggests that the party should head toward the island and deal with the Gurak on their home turf. Speak with the rest of the party, then speak with Dagran to move on when you're ready.

Dagran says that Zael, Yurick, Calista, and himself will infiltrate the island. Mirania will remain to make sure nothing happens.

More narration and a cut-scene as the ship approaches.

The scene changes and shows the naval strength of the Gurak. The party begins their infiltration of the island and they swim in, officially starting the Chapter.

Swim in, and Dagran will stop you for a moment. The screen zooms in on a Gurak guard. Shoot him in the head and he falls into the water, allowing the party to move on. Head to land and up the stairs.

There is a sleeping guard and two ogres in the room here.

Start this fight by taking care of the guard first, then defeat the Stinky Ogres. Head through the large doors to the next area.

The next room shows a number of bridges. The area seems to be a living area, there are two chests to the right, one is a random item, the other contains a Skull. Head out the door to the cliff area for another scene. Once Elza goes to first person mode, a Gargoyle flies over to drop off a squadron of Gurak forces. The party hides and another fight begins.

There is a difference this time around as the game introduces 'Leader' units. Defeating the Leader will reduce the strength of the enemy, however the rest of them will notice and start attacking.

Zael can either order Yurick to blow up the deck above the enemies, or find another way to deal with them. Either way, killing the leader will alert the others to the party's presence. Defeat them as normal. One of the Gurak soldiers will drop a Blood Sword.

Head along the cliff to the next room. In the room to the left is a save point, and where you want to go.

Heading through here will show a scene with humans being forced to work by the Gurak. A man trips and falls, and a Gurak Elite is about kill him for being useless. Until Calista stops him by force. This unfortunately raises the alarm.

Start the battle off by getting rid of the Leader units.

Getting rid of these foes will lead to the next cut-scene where Zael and Calista get separated from Dagran and Yurick.

For the time being, Zael and Calista need to regroup with the others. Enter the passageway in the wall that just opened up.

Zael and Calista will eventually reach a bridge where a limitless number of Gurak will attack from both sides. Hold them off for as long as possible until Zael says 'No matter how many of them I take out, more of them come', and Calista says that she can't keep this up any longer.

The next cut-scene starts with Calista collapsing and the two of them being surrounded on both sides by Gurak forces.

A new cut-scene occurs.

During this a new cut-scene, General Asthar, Therius, and some Ruli warships arrive. The Ruli Navy is now attacking the Gurak base.

Break through the remaining Gurak troops blocking your way during this distraction.

Meet up with Yurick, who is currently surrounded by enemies. Defeat that group and head for the stairs.

Go upstairs, and find Dagran fighting off more Gurak. Help him out. Immediately find the Gurak mage who is making the damage circle around the area and take him out. One the enemies may drop another Blood Sword here. Head out towards the cliffs from here, and the place starts to collapse. Head back inside.

Open the gate here, and there is a chest behind the rock pillar on the left. Open the next gate to find a save point, then move on to the next gate and open that. The party will arrive back in a the place they came into initially (note the open chests). Go outside to start the next cut-scene.

The party is now accompanied by General Asthar and Therius. Be wary of the snipers above ground shooting Burst arrows at the party.

Either have Yurick or Calista take them out with magic, or have Zael return fire with his bowgun. Once this first group at the entrance have been cleared out, head for the large red door. Down this passage is a Save point. Continue on to the next fight.

A short scene occurs with Gurak archers sniping with Burst arrows. Defeat the enemies here, as usual there are a number of snipers hiding out on the balconies up top. Shoot them down with magic or arrows.

You will notice some large crystal formations farther in. Either have the magic users destroy them to take out enemies below them, or have Zael climb up the high path and shoot them with Burst arrows. Destroying the crystals will drop them on mages below and crush them. A chest along the upper walkway contains 10 Burst Arrows.

Deeper in the cavern are ogres along with Gurak forces, so attack either in groups or from a distance. Once the initial group of enemies has finally been cleared out, Zael is given the option to either 'Move on' or 'Continue fighting'. Continue
fighting if you think the party needs more XP or loot.

Pick up any items that have been dropped and head for the lift to go to the next area.

In this hallway is a Save Point, a chest and Summon Circle. Make preparations before entering the large double doors. The party is welcomed by Zangurak. Zangurak will then leave and Dagran chases after him, leaving the rest of the party to deal with his pet, Marbas.

Boss: Marbas

This boss cannot be hit normally because it's too damn fast. General Asthar explains that to stop Marbas, use the Green Cannon shells on the ground and throw them along the edge of the room where Marbas runs along. They trigger like landmines, so upon exploding will release Kura-kura (Dizzy) gas, and this will temporarily stop the boss from moving. Attack the boss during this phase, and repeat until he's dead. Marbas will give a last roar of defiance and then fall over.

Marbas drops the Speed Star sword.

Go down the passage behind the throne to find Dagran on the ground. The next cut-scene plays out and the story advances to Chapter 17.