Chapter 15

Mysterious Forest

So the party heads off to explore the Mysterious Forest on the Vono Islands.
Zael, Mirania, Dagran, and Yurick head off the expedition through the forest. As the party enters, enter the gate. Once Zael heads in far enough, a cut-scene between Zael and Mirania starts.

Once the scene is over, examine the fountain Zael is standing next to. It will sink and give you the Blunt Copper Sword. When you're about to leave, Dagran stops you as a number of skeletons have gathered around the area, so defeat them.

Since the area is very wide and has numerous walls for cover, the best way to deal with this is use the bowgun to draw attention to single enemies, then defeat them one at a time.

Afterward, search for the treasure scattered around this area.

There is a chest alongside the left wall (from where the party started).
There are three more in one of the walled off areas, that has a narrow passage. One chest has Gnome's Gold Ore x4, the other
two are random. The fountain here gives another Blunt Copper Sword.
There is another chest is hidden behind a pillar one the left side.
Another one of the walled off areas has a broken wall, in there are three more chests. One chest has Gnome's Gold Ore x4, the
other two are random. The fountain here has a rare weapon: Shishioh.

That's it for treasure here, so find the rest of the party. Then in Seek mode examine the large footprint.
The gate to the next area is stuck. Examine it in Seek Mode. Yurick will burn down the vines tangling it. Manamia will run off towards the next area by herself, leaving the guys alone, chase after her.

Before crossing the lake on the floating islands/plants head to the right for a chest. It has a Gurak Sand in it.
Go across the floaty things. Once on solid ground again, the guys are attacked by Mystic Plants (tentacles) and Lizards. Some of the Lizards are camped out on the floating things, so Yurick will focus on them while Dagran and Zael clean up the monsters on the main land. Try to avoid the Mystic Plants, as they will grab your characters, choke them and toss them away after being attacked. Use Yurick's magic or the Cannon shells to defeat them to avoid being grabbed.

Any items that are dropped by the enemies in the distance can be picked up by shooting them with Zael's bowgun.

Go across the floating plants. The fork to the left has a Summon Circle, and the fork to the right continues to follow the giant footprints. As the group enters the canyon, more plants and lizards attack them. After clearing out this group, you'll hear Mirania scream (and see a save point). Follow after her!

The party arrives to see Mirania backing away from a giant spider.

Boss: Mystic Spider

First off, Spider creatures have auto-guard when attacked from the front unless you have a weapon that can specifically penetrate spider defenses. Which at this point, you will not.

The Mystic Spider will spawn baby spiders to attack the party with, headbutt people, run around and trample things, and shoot webbing. When it shoots webbing the first time, it will knock down both Zael and Mirania . Shake the control stick to break free, then as Dagran tells you; use Wind on Mirania to free her from the bindings. If not, the spider will eat her and she'll be removed from the battle, leaving you without a healer. The spider will do this to the rest of the party as well, so keep Zael's SP gauge filled so he can use Wind at a moment's notice. The spider will specifically target Mirania first, then after it eats her, will go after the others.

The best way to damage the boss is to drop Yurick's fire magic circles around it and attack it from the side or front.

Beware as the boss goes around, it can also paralyze your party by shooting spines at them.

After defeating the Mystic Spider, it drops the Karma sword.

Now that the imminent danger has passed, continue on after your party members to the next area. They'll reach a dead end, and Zael kicks open the wall.

The final cut-scene of this chapter plays and the party returns to the ship.

Speak with Yurick to access Chapter 14 if not completed yet, or prepare to start Chapter 16.