Chapter 11

Gurak Warship

After the scene, a tutorial on Command mode pops up.
To use it:
Press and hold up on the d-pad when the Skill Guage bar is full. In Command mode you can issue commands to Zael and the rest of the party. This allows for quicker spell casting and access to Spirit Attack abilities later in the game.

In Seek mode, look near the right for a ladder Zael can climb along. Move across the ship to the other side. There is a chest past the roped passage. Go down the stairs and open the door. Zael will go into Seek mode and spot a white-haired Gurak.

From behind cover, use Slash to defeat him. Open the door to let Dagran and Calista into the room. The man that Zael saved will be able to upgrade the party's equipment. Continue and open the next door.

In first person, there are two Gurak look-outs. Sneak up behind them and hit them to defeat them.

Go to the next room and climb down the ladder.

Calista will run forward and be attack by an Ogre. After defeating him (with a little help), the party will see two Gurak operating cannons. Defeat them using stealth by hiding and shooting them with arrows so that a '?' will appear over their heads. When this happens, wait until they are closer enough to use Slash. Also in stealth battles, when the word 'Alone' appears over an enemy's head, they will be unable to call for nearby reinforcements. A third enemy is around the corner, defeat in him a similar manner. One of the three enemies will drop the key to the lift. Open the chest to the right of the door. Head to the door, open it, look for the ladder and then climb down. A cut-scene will occur here and Dagran will temporarily leave the party.

Note: Any time that you are able to lure enemies to your party, if they are able to run back towards their friends or do NOT have "Alone" as a marker, they will summon forth a large number of enemies as backup. Avoid this whenever possible, the extra experience is rarely worth it.

Open the door and move through the narrow passage. Continue through here and look for Yurick in the cell. Defeat the guard and then open the cell door. You will be given two choices. Choose the 'right' option and Zael will use the right key to open it. The other key is for the cell just before Yurick's and has a chest with a weapon in it.

In the next room on the right is a narrow passage that Zael can sidle into, there is a chest there. Use the save point if desired and open the door.

The room is flooded, and Yurick will tell Zael he has no desire to get wet, so Zael has to go in alone. Swim towards the cell where Mirania is swimming back and forth. To open the door, the control stick needs to be rotated rapidly. Head to the main door and open it.

The party will hear something and Zael will go into Seek Mode. Look up and to the right at the shaking box. Failure to do so will cause Zael to start the battle with half of his maximum health.

There are a few spiders here. There will be a scene in the middle of the fight and Dagran will rejoin the party. Head up the ladder (Dagran should be facing it). Immediately after this, Zael will enter first person mode and will see two Gurak attacking a human. Defeat them and talk to the prisoner. Open the chest next to him, then head out the door.

There are more Gurak here, if the party is spotted, more enemies will rush into the room. Take out the healers/mages first. The party is also aided by two prisoners during this battle. After the first group of Gurak have been defeated, another wave of them will enter through the elevators and attack. Defeat them and head up the lift to the main deck.

Another Ogre is chained on the deck, so either use stealth to lure him to your party, defeat him with arrows, or rush in to fight more Gurak.

There is a save point, treasure chest and a man who will upgrade equipment through the door on the right.

Enter the next area via the door near the stairs.

After the scene with the Gurak Captain, a boss fight will start.

Boss: Muruk

This boss is fairly easy. The Muruk will stomp with his feet and headbutt forward, both are easy to block. His main attack is falling down, which is easy to avoid after seeing it once. When he curls up into his shell and spins around, use Gale on one of Calista's yellow magic circles, which gives the Barrier status. If there isn't a yellow magic circle, Zael and the party will be paralyzed for a moment.

The Muruk will stand on two feet and wobble, which then he can be attacked and will be knocked onto his back. Press A to "RIDE" the boss and A repeatedly to attack. This process will be repeated a few times in order to deplete the Muruk's health. In order to kill the Muruk, the final blow must be done during this process.

It will automatically advance to Chapter 12 after the scene.