Chapter 10

Cliff Road

Look over at the gun turret when in first person mode to see Zangurak.

Move forward and a battle will be triggered. Sidestep the Gurak on the lizard when he charges.
Take out the rider and his mount. It is also possible to shoot him off the mount with the crossbow.

A battle will occur along the curved path and another when Zael moves forward.

The enemies now have access to creating 'Damage Circles' which are red areas that will drain the party's health.

Another mounted Gurak will attack on the path, defeat him like the first one.

Yet another battle takes place, so take cover to defeat the enemy archers and mages from a distance. Zael can also charge forward and cut them down.

Head into the next area. Save here and then move forward until Zael reaches Zangurak. Dagran will stay back to hold off other enemies.

Boss: Zangurak

Once the battle starts, attack Zangurak but don't waste any special arrows. Zael cannot win this battle. Zangurak will Perfect Guard any attacks against him, throw fireballs and punch Zael.

After a cut-scene, Zael will be defeated and then revived by Calista's magic. This magic will make it so Zael has a barrier and takes less damage.
Once the battle resumes, Zangurak can be damaged, so attack him until the next cut-scene starts.

There will be a longer scene and then the story will move on to Chapter 11.