Chapter 1

Lizard's Cave

After a very brief opening scene and a tutorial on how to move (control stick to move and the C button to center your camera), you will start game-play as Dagran.

Note: The English PAL Wii™ version uses Z as the default binding for "Center your camera" (or "Reset camera view") not C as is depicted here.
Note: Controls referenced are from the default Wii Remote™ & Nunchuk accessory scheme. The controls for the Classic Controller are different.

Immediately turn around (facing away from Syrenne) and walk to the end of the tunnel. Press A to check the wall and you will open up a secret passageway that leads to a chest with a "Rare Item: Dragon's Fang".

Continue forward down the tunnel where you will fight some enemies and learn how to use the cover system (A to "hide") and leap out of cover (control stick + B). In the next area, you will learn how to block (B button) and fight some more enemies.

Before the battles is over short scene will play and you will control Zael. Walk forward until you see another brief scene. In this skirmish, you can either use Z to SEEK, then target one of the pillars and have Yurick blow them up (select the left choice) or just pop out of cover and attack.

You'll reach the area where you left Dagran and Syrenne. You can either have Yurick target the bridge and blow it up for a quick victory or rush forward and attack. If you chose to just rush in and attack, you will have to take out a few enemies on top of the bridge with your bowgun. Run around a little bit after you're finished and you'll trigger a battle with a larger enemy. Make sure to block and to use Yurick's fire circles to make your attacks do more damage.

Continue forward until there's another scene. You're supposed to go down the right path and attack the enemy by surprise, but as with most of the battles in this chapter, it doesn't really matter. Be sure to take out the magic-casters first. After the battle an arrow will appear pointing towards the center of this area. Run where it tells you and press A to open up the path forward. Continue forward in the tunnel until you reach a dead end, then press A when the box comes up to "Check" to open up the way forward.

Move forward in the next area towards your party, and follow Syrenne forward. After the scene, run down the corridor following Syrenne and check the crystal at the dead end. Fight the skeletons until a cut-scene occurs.

Press C to use gathering and then defeat the skeletons. You can switch gathering on and off by pressing C, but keep in mind it doesn't completely distract the enemies from attacking your other party members. Yurick's fire magic seems to help defeat the skeletons faster. The pathway forward will open.

Head for the bridge and another battle will start. There are mages and bowmen on the ledges you'll need to take out with your bowgun or you can use Yurick' magic. Gathering is helpful here to guard Yurick; make sure to keep him from being attacked so he can use magic. Keep an eye on the enemy mages' countdown and use some well-placed arrows if they get too close to casing spells. There are cannons at the edge of the bridge which you can use to create a healing circle.

Cross the bridge… there is an optional red summon circle where you can summon enemy battles by hitting gathering to farm experience/gold/items if you want, but it's not necessary. Head forward into the next large room. After the scene, you will start a boss battle.

Boss: Cocoon

This is the first somewhat challenging battle of the game. Cocoon has a ton of HP and fairly powerful attacks. He's got a ranged attack you can dodge (as the tutorial mentions) and close-range attacks that you'll want to block. It's critical to use Gathering here to let Yurick do his thing, because you do a lot more damage to the boss when your weapon has the fire element. Use your bowgun to have Yurick aim his magic at the boss's face for more damage. After you finally knock off 10/20% of the boss's HP, the front door will open up and an arrow will appear pointing towards the bridge outside. You can either use gathering to lure the boss out onto the bridge, which is much easier, or continue fighting where you are and drain the boss' HP completely for a small amount of Experience.

The XP isn't worth it, so just draw the boss out to the bridge unless you want a challenge.

A cut-scene will occur and then Chapter 2 begins.