Japanese English Description How to Get
アロー Arrow These magical arrows just keep on reappearing no matter how many you use.
Every marksman's best friend.
Default weapon with unlimited ammo
パラライアロー Paralysis Arrow A type of arrow that inflicts a Paralysis effect, restricting the enemy's movement. Drops; Arrow Shop
バーストアロー Burst Arrow A type of arrow that explodes as soon as it hits its mark.
Effective against Snipers and Wyrms.
Drops; Arrow Shop
ウィザードキラー Wizard Slayer A special type of arrow designed especially for use against mages such as sorcerers and healers. Drops; Arrow Shop
シルバーアロー Silver Arrow An extremely rare type of arrow, fashioned from purest silver.
Said to be effective against immortal vampires.
Drops; Arrow Shop
いたずらバナナ Prank Banana A specially modified banana skin that can somehow be fired with a crossbow.
The perfect tool for budding pranksters.
Drops; Arrow Shop
花火 Firework A type of magical arrow that can be fired into the sky for dazzling results. Arrow Shop, Stargazing Tower (once)
チャームアロー Charm Arrow Used in the Bow Expert sidequest. Sidequest
スリープアロー Sleep Arrow Used by Calista in Chapter 27 of the game. Chapter 27 only
デストラクトアロー Annihilator Arrow A type of arrow with explosive properties. Deals a remarkable amount of damage. Multiplayer Fray only
ヒールアロー Heal Arrow Heals target Multiplayer Supression only